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I have a 7 month old and even though I don't like it her father has given her a taste of sweet tea out of a straw since she was about 4 months. He and his mother keep saying that she is going to be a sweet tea baby. He wants to start giving it to her in a cup. We have a had a few arguments about this. I feel like it is bad for her even if it is decaf(all that sugar)....my child gets hyper enough on juice. I see nothing beneficial in tea. She is at an age where she doesn't need to have a lot of sweets. How does everyone else feel about giving their baby tea? Am I doing right by my daughter? Or is it not worth the fight?


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Natalie - posted on 01/20/2010




I try to give it to my 2yr old as little as I can...honestly if someone had given him sweet tea or even unsweet tea at 7 months I would've flipped out. I know I grew up with sweet tea in my sippy just like probably 90% of the kids in the south but that still doesn't make it right. I know it may seem silly to her father and grandmother but this is your child too and if it was me I'd have to fight them on it.

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MIL doesn't moderate...I've watched her give her other grandkids(2 and 4) straight, full cups of sweet tea...as often as they want it. I know that when I am not around my wishes will not be followed and MIL and daddy will give it to her.

Jennifer - posted on 01/20/2010




i give my 9 month old tea but once of tea then add 3 ounces of water and she will drink from it on and off but she hates juice and will drink this so i really dont know but my son is 5 and he loves tea sweet and unsweet as well and he is fine but he loves his milk as well anything in moderation is fine

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