Table foods for a 9 month old

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What are some good first table foods for a 9 month old? She still loves the pureed stuff but I want to expand her palate a little bit. I'm not very creative and so far she's only had cheerios, mac n cheese, and rice cakes. Help!


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Cooked baby carrots, green beans, peas, small cubes of cooked sweet potato, grilled cheese sandwiches (I also made him cream cheese sandwiches), buttered noodles, blueberries, bananas...basically anything she can mash with her mouth. My son had a lot of teeth when he was 9 months old so I even gave him tiny little pieces of meat. He also liked gnawing on mini bagels. I cut everything in to small bite sized pieces. I would mix applesauce or mashed fruit in to his baby cereal and also gave him cream of wheat every once in a while. He also ate small cubes of cheese and yo baby yogurt. Gerber makes a lot of snacks you can buy for on the go. Their sweet potato puffs are really good.


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[deleted account] is a great website with lots of ideas and also when to start which foods.

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At 9 months my son didn't have very many teeth so I was paranoid about giving him anything he couldn't mash with his tongue.  I gave him yogurt, scrambled egg yolks, steamed veggies cut into little pieces, elbow maccaroni.  Also, Gerber has snacks that dissolve in the baby's mouth pretty quickly.  I don't remember the name but they are in a tall round container and come in 3 or 4 flavors.  I usually buy the store brand.  Bananas cut into tiny pieces is another great food for them.  Kiwi is also a great fruit.  My son LOVES it still.  The seeds are so tiny that you don't have to worry about them.  The only thing I did with the kiwi is peel and take out the core because it's a little tough.  Also, they usually aren't too expensive.  I also used to cut grapes into tiny pieces (after skinning them, which is a pain) and he liked them.  Basically, anything they can mush with their tongue.  Hope this helps :) 

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Well some od the things I gave my sone when he was 9 months were jelly sandwiches, scrambled eggs( even though i've heard your not supposed to until they are 1, I"m old fashioned my mom gave them to me when I was little I survived) Cheese sandwiches, spagetti-o's, White cheddar cheetos are wonderful cuz you dont' get the cheezy mess! Hope this helps give you some ideas.

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