Taking a 5 week old to a mini airshow??

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My husband really wants to go to this mini airshow tommorrow. Im not sure I should be going to such an event with a 5 week old baby. Ive read that I can get him ear muffs to block the noise but dont really know where to buy any on such a short notice. Ive never attended anything like this so am unaware of what goes on, I just figure there will be lots of noise. Should I tell him we cant go?? Or do you really think ear muffs would protect him.


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I don't know what type of airshow Deanna went to, but they are very loud if you are at the actual event (as opposed to watching from a yard nearby). What type of planes are going to be there? If they are just the little stunt planes then it won't be too bad. If the F-16, F-18, Thunderbirds, Blue Angles or anything like that are going to be there then there will be times where it would be very loud. They may sell ear protection there but I'm not sure if they'd have something appropriate for a baby that small. If it's anything like the airshows I've been to I wouldn't take a 5 week old to it. I guess to give you an example, we were watching the Thunderbirds. They have 6 up when they fly. Four of them flew over and went to the right. Everyone was looking at the group of 4. Then one single plane flew right over top of us. It was so loud I could feel my tennis shoes shaking.

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It shouldn't be that bad. We went to a big airshow and it was just fine. Just stay away from the speakers and he will be fine. Relax mom there isn't that much noise.
good luck, god bless, take the camera


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Michelle - posted on 11/13/2010




i know it probably to late...but when i was about 2-3 months old my parents took me to the air and sea show in south florida...every year they had the F16 F18 thunderbirds blue angels....Everything...and my ears were just fine (untill about 3 years ago but that was my own fault)..its ok just make sure u stay away from the speakers..and baby ear muffs would help...but my parents said i didnt have any

Renae - posted on 11/12/2010




I'm not sure how relevant this is. My husband goes to the car racing quite a bit, there are a few cars that he works on there (in fact he is there right now!). Our baby is 20 months and I have not let him go yet. It is very loud. He does have ear muffs (they are baby banz ones and they are made to protect little ears, wwwbabybanz.com - he also has baby banz sunglasses) but he is at the age where he would pull them off. I am also not keen on the idea of him breathing in all of the exhaust fumes while standing around in the pits and the dirt and grit that comes off the track that everyone breathes in. I have decided he can not go to the races until he is older, like at least 4 maybe. I'm not sure whether fumes would be something to also consider with planes.

Chrystal - posted on 11/12/2010




If it were me I probably wouldn't go just because I wouldn't want to take the chance of damaging those little tiny ear drums. I say if your husband wants to go let him go, but you don't really feel safe taking your baby if that's really how you feel.

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