Taking baby off the breast in the further future

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I am a first time mom and breastfeeding my 3month old daughter. I am the first in the family to breast feed for more than 1month and I was wondering how would i take her off in the further future. I'm worried that I'd be in too much pain and leak everywhere. If my daughter almost skips her feeding my boobs get real full big lumps and all. I also start to leak all over my shirt. So how would I take her off without having to pump or leaking everywhere and getting pain?

I am a stay at home mom and plan on breastfeeding at LEAST 6months. I am also wondering when they start teething will she hurt me??


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Wow, you must produce alot of milk! LOL! Just thought I might add that if you are still producing alot of milk when you are trying to wean then you might want to look into getting medication that suppresses milk flow. Gooodluck:)

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Your milk will settle over time. As the baby naturally starts to feed less you will also produce less. Weaning is best done gradually (I weaned my children slowly over a month or two when they reached 1 year old). Cut down 1 feed at a time (example if your child is in the routine of 6 feeds a day cut it to 5 feeds for the next week or so) and then if that goes well, cut another feed for the next week or so until you get down to 1 feed a day or every 2 days and then stop. It will also depend on if your baby is happy to take a bottle for some feeds, weaning will be harder if baby won't take anything else. (2 of my 4 children would not take a bottle when they were babies). Once you have stopped you will be uncomfortable for a while but it is ALOT more painful if you just stop cold turkey.

Teething babies usually do start to bite down while they are feeding. But if you give them a fright (yell "Ouch"), they usually don't do it again. But all babies are different. One of my kids kept biting and so I would pull them off, tell them off very firmly (and he knew, he would give me a big frown) and then put them back on and if he bit again I would immediately pull him off again. He got the picture.

Goodluck and I hope it goes smoothly for you.

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HI, I breastfed my boys till they were 1. To answer your question about teeth, it should not hurt if they are doing it right teeth are not involved. Unless they bite you and that will hurt. When that happens you stop the feeding and firmly say no bite, wait a few minutes then continue.

You will probably have to pump a little to relieve the pain when you decide to stop. Dont stop all at once. Slowly take away one feeding at a time. I would leave the nap and bed time for last to go. When you are in the shower you can express a little milk, you dont want to empty completly.

I used burp cloths for protection, I could re wash them, and it helped with leaking through my shirts.

With my first son I remeber getting really big and they got really hard when I was weaning him then it went away, it was kind of nice for a day or two LOL, my husband enjoyed it too (TMI) :)

Good luck, it can be difficult but rewarding., I got mastitus (sp?) a few times, its an infection, makes nursing hurt a lot with fevers and stuff, but I would do it all over again if I had another baby.


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I have no idea,I just let them nurse till they wean themselves & the bedtime feeding is the last to go. With the teeth issue popping them off has worked because then they are like "hey why am i not nursing..oh because i bit,better stop if i wanna eat"

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I breastfeed my daughter til she was 14 months, when she decided to wean (she only feed for naps and bed time at that point) and my son weaned himself at 10 mnths. I had no pain or leaking with either because they weaned themselves. If you plan to wean the child yourself then try to do it slowly that way it is not a shock to either of you. You will usually only produce the amount your child eats or needs. They do make reusable nursing pads as well as disposable ones to help with the leaking.

Usually when they have teeth you will not feel them during feedings, but they may bite you from time to time. If she does bite, take her off tell her NO leave her off for a min and then start again, she will get the hint :)

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I would imagine the feedings have decreased in frequency since birth. They will start dropping off again when you introduce solids. Once that has begun, they kind of start weaning themselves. Breastfeed for as long as it works for both of you, don't let anyone else pressure you into doing something you don't want. When you do start dropping feedings, there may be a little discomfort. But, you can move up the next feeding so that you don't get too full. Get some good, washable breastpads and use those until you no longer need them. As for getting overfull, when she's running late, pump off a little to keep yourself comfy. Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand, so keep that in mind if you do pump.

The teething, that's fun. It will keep you on your toes. No, it won't hurt during feedings, especially if the latch is correct. You will want to watch out for the occasional bite (firmly telling no helps, as does a very natural scream from pain but be prepared to comfort her), the head turn from being distracted, and then the attempt to use you as a teething item (jusend the feeding then, she's done and playing now).

Have you considered donating the excess milk? I've read about some programs that use it for NICU patients and others that ship it to impoverished women/infants. Just a thought. Good luck.

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and yes its ALOT. my first month breastfeeding i was expressing 6 to 8 oz ever 2hours and my daughter only drank 2oz lol. its even more now.

Cynthia - posted on 03/01/2010




It's funny cause i just point and they squirt. so one night i was feeding my little one and she let go and i squirted the boyfriend by accident he got mad and disgusted. but he ended up laughing

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