taking the baby weight off problems

Jenn - posted on 08/20/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey all, a brief intro, im a mother of a 2yr old and a 7month old. My issue is that I just can not seem to get this weight off. I look like im still pregnant. I walk everyday with my kids. I play with them. I do not know any other mom's in my area seeing as I moved here when I was pregnant with my first and never really got out cause of that. I feel like im in a downward cycle cause when i get upset about my weight i eat and i know it is bad habit and i have been dealing with it since i was a young child. I have never really been thin but I want to be healthier for my children. My husband is the best, he says he loves me no matter what and tells me how i can do it, but I dont know why i just cant seem to do it. I just plain down right feel bad. Reaching out to other mom's on here to see what they do when they are home with the kids and how they get there weight back. With my first child i lost it all then not even 6months later i was pregnant again and now i cant seem to lose it :( If any mom's have any tips please send them my way. If there are any mom's in the Melbourne FL area i would love to know. Thanks again :)


Juliana - posted on 08/20/2010




I was like you with the eating and being a bit chubby. After my 3rd baby, I had enough and joined a kick boxing class. Actually it was the Ultimate Body Challenge Class. It was 10 straight weeks of going 6 days a week for about 1 hr a day. It seems like alot but it was worth it. My instructor also helped with the menu type things. It got to the point where I was told I had to eat instead of trying not to eat all the time. I dropped 2 pants sizes within the first month. It was amazing. I am now pregnant with baby #4 and I plan to do the class all over again in Dec after she is born. Its not very expensive either. Good luck to you!!

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