taleah is 6 mts old and has started eating solids, but does'nt seem to want her bottles anymore...


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Babies under 1 year should still get most of their nutrition from formula/breastmilk. Make sure you offer the bottle before she has solids.

Jade - posted on 11/22/2009




try different sippy cups as i found when my daughter was that age she wanted certain ones (very picky) but try to add her formula to food so if she doesnt want her bottle or cup she is still getting the vitamins n that from her formula like the other woman said in her cereal or mush a ruck up in the formula that was my daughters favourite hope ive helped

Dawn - posted on 11/22/2009




My friends littleboy started drinking from a sippy cup at 5 months old. Just give your baby the formula at nap & bedtime out of a sippy, or possibbly try the cerial with formula out of a bowl

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