Teaching my 2 year old with speech delays to use the potty?

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Well, hello! I have a 2 year old (turned 2 in Dec.) and since we have a newborn now and we didn't want 2 kids in diapers, we deided to go ahead and introduce the potty to our toddler. She is currently seeing an instructor with Early Intervention for speech and communication delays and soon she will be seeing a speech therapist. She was tested and came out to be on a 18 month old level, though I really don't go by what that says because I know she is more advanced than that.....but she really doesn't talk yet. She can say a few words and of course understand much more, but she doesn't talk as well as some kids do at her age.

Well, our issue is, should we wait until her speech is improved? She can't tell us whether she has to pee or poop and will only sit there on the potty when we want her to. She will do on her own, but she doesn't realize that she has to pull her clothes down first lol. We take her to the potty and let her sit for a few mins with a book or something to watch....sometimes she will pee, most of the time she won't. Granted, we are consistent as we should be and she is starting in pull-ups, but I know that physically she is ready. It's just that, she is delayed and how would we know when to take her to the potty or if she can communicate that she has to go? Shouldn't we wait till she can at least speak to us and tell us when? I sometimes feel like we are pushing too hard and rushing it. I supposed she may not be ready and originally wanted to wait until she is closer to 3, but at the same time, I feel like I don't do what I need to do as far as teaching her how to do basic things, and I don't want to hold her back....so if she is ready, I want to teach her now. I don't know....

Does anyone have a toddler who is delayed? How do you all know when they are/were ready to potty train?


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What I would do is work on some sign language for pee and poop. Just do things gradually. What you are doing right now with the potty is good. The first stage is just introducing the potty. She just turned 2, so she may or may not be ready yet. She will let you know when she is......she will start to go more consistantly. Also with just having a newborn sometimes that slows down the older one in the potty training area.....just a normal regression when a new child comes into the family. I would just continue doing what you are doing. When she goes pee or poop make a sign that you want to use for those......it does not have to be the correct sign language sign just a sign that she can learn and that you can understand. When she goes on the potty make a big deal of it and praise her. I personally like to do treats as it helps to add an incentive....I do 1 m&m for pee and 2 m&m's for poop. My kids don't usually get candy on a regular basis, so getting a m&m really worked. Big thing though is to just give it time. She may do what she is doing now for months yet. Eventually she will start to go more consistantly when she sits on the potty. For me I usually start out with introducing potty by having them sit right before bath or bedtime and then right away when they get up in the morning. The rest of the time I don't worry about if they want to sit we sit, but I don't ask of have them sit. When they start to go on a pretty consistant basis at those two times then I start to add in a more daily routine of potty. At first I just take them to the potty and don't ask if they have to go. We go about an hour after we eat. Once they get pretty consistant at doing this then I work on having them tell me when they have to go.

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