teaching my son to read

Lucia - posted on 07/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm having trouble teaching my 6 yr old son how to read. He has trouble focusing. I feel like a bad mother. I know i need to give my all in helping him, im just going thru alot of problems :(


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Try the book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" by Eaglemann, Haddox, Bruner.

It sounds kitchy, but it's not. It is based on the DISTAR program, which is used to help underprivileged kids keep up with their grade level, but this particular book takes the information and techniques and modifies them for single student use. It is perfect for a mother working with her child. The lessons are all about 5 minutes long, some taking 15 to 20 minutes during transition periods, but never more than 20 minutes per day. Follow the lessons--DO NOT skip lessons, even if they seem too easy for your child, and do not do more than one per day. Give it 4 months and your son will be reading on grade level.

It is available on amazon for about $15. It does not have bright pictures, DVD's, CD's or other catchy stuff like the expensive Hooked on phonics stuff.--it is extremely simple, but it works well. Give it a try.

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