Teen daughter is a mess..

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My 14.5 yr old ran away today. She's never done it before and had no reason to. She is extremely smart and excels in her sport. She decided that she was a big girl and went off on her dad and I today, ending with her taking off and being gone for hours. We found her and brought her home. She refused to talk to us, gave us the cold shoulder and made it out to be us.
She had decided to tell me that whole out on her excursion, she decided that she wanted to kill herself. She sat on the train tracks and waited for a train. She also told me that in January 8th, she swallowed a bunch of my dad's pills to try to kill herself. I have no idea what is going on with her. I will be talking to my husband about this on what steps that need to be taken but she doesn't want him to know. She feels like we are going to think she is crazy. She has a good life. She doesn't want for anything or need anything. She's got friends and family that love her and will go to the end of the Earth for her. I'm I out of line to think that maybe this is just a cry attention? She's our world... I'm feeling like we need to institutionalize her for the 72hr hold. I really need advice. I'm at a loss for words. She just confided at about 1230 and it's now 145am.. I cannot sleep and have locked up all medicines.


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@Sbernhus2780 CB I'm so sorry to hear the difficult situation you are in. I do suggest you find a professional therapist/counselor to help your daughter. You know if she said she was ill, you would take her straight away to the hospital. It's good she came and confided in you so you are now aware. It could be a cry of attention or not but she needs your support to deal with whatever is causing this. I hope she gets the help she needs. Stay strong and all the best.

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