Teenage boys

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My son has turned into a teenage monster. Is it just my son and when do they change back into their sweet self?


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Ashley - posted on 04/24/2010




Don't worry I think its all teenage boys lol my little brother is 14 gonna be 15 at the end of may and he is nothing but a smart mouthed sarcastic little bugger.. last weekend he went missing for over 5 hours he was told to be home at 4;30 the place he was at closed at 6 and we ended up calling the police by 7.30 because he still wasnt home .. they came and said if he wasnt home in a hour they would put him on a amber alert canada wide the little bugger returned 15 mins before the alert went out at 930 he's reason he wsa late was he lost track of time and didnt know anyones number to tell them where he was

Theresa - posted on 04/24/2010




Not just your son. Mine is 14 and everything that comes out of his mouth is sarcastic or smart-mouthed. He does at least appologize if I say something to him. I hope it doesn't last too long. :)

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