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what signs should i look for when my baby begins teething?


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Katie - posted on 11/02/2009




my son is currently teething and he is only two months..the signs that i looked for was drooling, crankiness, chewing on their hands or toys, and trouble sleeping..pretty much everything ashley jensen said. but some meds to help teething that works great are the baby orajel..that helps my son and puts him right to sleep or the baby teething tablets...those work great even if they are collicky..they dissolve as soon as you put them in their mouth..they work great...Good Luck..i hope everything goes ok for you...p.s. remember teething is the most stressful time for u as a mother and for your baby/infant.

Marie - posted on 11/02/2009




Unusual irritation, red swollen gums, slight fever, excessive drooling!, chews on everything they can get, and mood swings.

When the teeth first break through you might see a little blood, or pinkish drool. It's totally fine, just keep Hyland's teething tablets and some infant tylenol on hand and you'll be fine. I try and keep a clean washcloth with me too. You can wet a corner with cold water and let them chew wherever you are. Catches a lot of the drool too!

Hope this helped! Good luck!

Ashley - posted on 11/02/2009




Excessive drooling (make sure to wipe their chin so they don't get a rash), chewing on their hands or toys, or your fingers, crankiness, trouble sleeping, slight fever, and change in appetite. If you are ever concerned with your baby's symptoms, don't feel bad about calling the pediatrician. Especially about fevers, excessve crankiness, and changes in appetite.

Good luck mama, it isn't fun! :) I hope it goes smoothly for you!

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