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my son is 5 months old and he has been trying to cut the same two teeth for about two months now and his chewing on things is not seeming to help him get them threw. they break the surface and then they go right back up. is there anything i can do to help him?


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Kassi - posted on 03/04/2010




i have the ones that u put in the freezer and he refuses to chew on them. he doesnt like anything cold in his mouth. also i have one that vibrates and he likes that one but he only chews on it for a few min then throws it. i use the teething tablets. they help numb his mouth bc he doesnt ever cry about his mouth hurting really. i just feel bad for him bc im 19 and my wisdom teeth are almost all the way in and i know how bad the is hurting me so i know he has to be miserable. i didnt know if there was anything else i could do. stephanie i did not know that i could give him a tooth brush? does it not cut his gums more?

Stephanie - posted on 03/04/2010




I had my daughter start brushing her gums at 6 months old. I bought her a soft baby toothbrush and let her chew on it, in her highchair, after meals as I supervised. Her first tooth came through finally at 9 months and now she is 19 months old and have 4 teeth completely through and it cutting 7 right now. I also recommend those Biter Biscuits for babies by Gerber. :)

Vickie - posted on 03/04/2010




That is actually quit normal at that age. Once they fully break through you will be amazed at how quickly it is. As for suggestions, do you chill the teethers? You can put them in the fridge for a while then let him chew on them, the cold will feel good for him. Also there is an all natural teething tablet that you can get, easier on the kids then doing tylenol or mortrin, and of course baby oragel.

Good Luck and God Bless

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