Telecommuting Troubles

Rachel - posted on 04/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been back working since my daughter was a month old...telecommuting that is. She is such a happy baby and beloved by all, but I find that telecommuting and watching her during the day are very stressful. My boss doesn't seem to understand that I'm not available all the time...and neither does my 7 1/2 month old. Both seem to want me full time. My husband is very concerned about the bottom line and wants me to work as much as possible, but I refuse to clock in for time I'm not working and I just can't be "on" all day for work. When I am trying to get things done for work my baby gets loud and fussy. I've tried to make calls on behalf of my boss and the person on the other end will pause and say, "is that a baby?" My boss actually sent me an email about how I can't make calls unless my daughter is being quiet (yeah, I'll just tell her to be quiet, like that will work). He and I have had conversations about my limitations, but he seems to forget often. Now I find that I just get frustrated with my daughter for being a baby and needing things while I'm suppose to be working. Telecommuting jobs are not easy to find and not working isn't an option as we need the money. I haven't been able to find a job that pays enough to afford child care and cover other things. On top of that, when my husband comes home he doesn't assume "daddy duty" and take her from me. He watches TV or goes outside for hours and I'm still expected to make dinner, take care of our daughter, clean the house, etc. He then complains that I'm not done when he gets home as he wanted to spend time with me. When I ask for help he complains, leaves our daughter in her crib or bouncy chair (as she cries), or brings her back saying he doesn't know how to "fix it." I feel powerless because I'm at the mercy of my boss; which is not a comfortable place to be. I'm tried of waiting until my husband is asleep so I can work until 2 AM to get my job done only to have my boss complain that he needs more out of me. Any advice??


Michelle - posted on 04/21/2013




Maybe get a contract type document in place that states when you are able to work and when you're not. Work it around the times that your daughter (usually) is happy or asleep. Make sure that your boss knows that the times aren't set in concrete and can change to suit your daughter.

Your husband does need to step up and do his share when he is home though. If he wants you to bring in an income then he needs to help you get that income in. Let him know that he either helps out more or you'll have to pay someone to look after your daughter so you can work (even from home).

Hopefully he'll realize sooner rather than later that it would be better for everyone for him to help. It means he gets more time with his daughter and you get to make some money.

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