Ten month old rejects her father! Help!

Cheslyn_18 - posted on 07/17/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




This has been going on since the day she turned 2 months old and hasn't changed. She doesn't like her father anywhere near her. She doesn't want him holding her and if he tries to pick her up she screams bloody murder. I want my husband to be able to hold his daughter, like I do, but this "phase" doesn't seem to have an end. I am concerned she will never grow out of this.

I have talked to my therapist but she doesn't understand why it's happening either. My husband works almost every day until 9 or 10pm so she is in bed when he gets home but he's with us until 10:30am most mornings. He doesn't get any time with her because she wont allow him to. He was the first to hold her when she was born via cesarean and would allow him to hold her until she was about 2 months old but not anymore. Please I need help!


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