ten year old daughter hideing notes from teacher

Gmrosa - posted on 10/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My youngest daughter who is 10 is talking non stop in school and getting into trouble and when a notice sent home she signed my name forged it that was yesterday and I got on her for that and then today I got a phone call from her teacher saying she was talking and she wrote me a note and my daughter ripped it up and threw it away she wanted me to know that this is going on I'm not sure what to do. she has been the perfect child and I didn't have this with her other two sisters. is she testing her limit not sure why this is going on...she did apologize to her teacher and admitted what she did was wrong, any thoughts?


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She could very well be testing her limits. Talk to her and explain to her the server punishment she could get into if she forged a signature when an adult or in high school. Find a punishment for her that works with her. Ground her take away her cell phone and computer privileges,no going out with friends for how ever long the grounding last, something that will get through to her. Just remind her there is a time in a place for talking to friends. When the teacher is talk, a test is being taken, a movie is playing those are not times to be talking. If the teacher is talking something important can be missed, test is being taken she could be accused of cheating and get a bad grade on the test, talking during a move is just plain rude to those around you they paid to see a movie not listen to teenagers gossip about who they like or whatever. Tough love needs to be done. Talk to the teacher/ principle and see what they can do at school for her. Teachers/ principals and parents should be working together not against each other unless it is something completely stupid then of course work against them. If the teacher needs to send a note home again just have her email you personally that way no notes can be forgotten, or signatures forged. I hope this helps. Just remind her that teachers and you need to be respected. There are some really good teachers out there that are being paid minimum wage to try to teach kids the knowledge that is needed to get by in life and to be ignored is not right. If nothing else try putting her in the teachers position. Like teachers spend days or even weeks planning out a way to teach the kids whatever it is they teach, they spend there evenings reading and grading papers, planning test and study guides for the kids, then you go to school and get treated like crap by some kids because they would rather talk to their friends then listen to what you have to say, then get mad that they didn't do well on their test and try blaming the teacher for the bad grade. does that sound right to you? Ask her that. Maybe it could help. anyways hope it helps.

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