Tenant Troubles

Ann - posted on 01/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I bought a new 4 bedroom house 6 months ago. we have two children, and have taken in my husbands brother because he's in the middle of getting a divorce and had nowhere else to go. We established ground rules and things were going well for the first 2 months. He also gets his kids twice a week and every other weekend. So our house homes 4 kids and 3 adults most days and it's hectic. Lately we've found out he's been eating our food when we are not home. He uses our laundry soap and toilet paper and stockpiles his in his room to save money. He leaves food rotting in his fridge for weeks and his bathroom/bedroom is a complete disgusting mess, and does nothing to help tend to the house.

the past 3 months we've had disputes over small things and big things. I was wondering if anyone has had this similar problem, and what ground rules should i re-establish and make known or certain things will be consequential? I've been close to kicking him out on several occasions, but I feel bad knowing I'll be kicking him out into nothing because at this point he has nowhere to go.


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