terrible two's

Jessica - posted on 04/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my daughter has hit the terrible two phase i'm afraid tempertantrums not listening period no matter what i say i know most of it is a independance thing but i need help fast i don't have her dad around much for help so it's really starting to get to me any suggetions


Kristi - posted on 04/03/2010




With a 6 year old and a brand new 2 year old, I have been there and am there! The most important thing is to not respond in anger. Two year olds love to exercise their new language skills and tell you, "no" simply because they know how! Don't let it get your goat. Just be firm and keep your instructions simple. If they don't do what you need them to, pick them up and continue (i.e. getting out the door or getting ready for bed). Don't be mad about it, just be matter of fact about it. A toddler needs you to stand by them while they blow their steam and keep your cool. It's so hard, I know! Don't let them push your buttons though! Walk away into the other room for a moment if you need to bop a pillow or kick a door in frustration. To show your toddler how to blow steam in a good way stomp up and down a set of stairs (it works!) as loudly as you can with your toddler until you are laughing with them, but don't let them see you lose your temper in any way that you don't want them to repeat, because monkey see, monkey do!!! Don't expect too much from 2 year olds either. A huge help I have learned from my daughters' schools is to never use time outs with toddlers. When they are having temper tantrums, they need you more than ever to be with them to help them find control of their volatile emotions. Sending them away in isolation to think about things is asking too much of a toddler. Stay close and reassure them until they can find the words to express themselves. Try your best to be the example you want them to demonstrate. Good luck - I know it's so hard sometimes!! This too shall pass. xoxo

Emma - posted on 04/01/2010




Hi, ive got a 2 and 3 year old both are in the terrible 2's

Someone posted a bit of advice that ive been testing out and has been working well, Ive stoped asking for example Tannith to do anything, if i want her toys picked up i just start doing it and she comes and wants to help i look like im thinking about it for a moment and then say O ok then you can do it. and when she is done say thank you and good job.

It all seams to be good if she thinks its her idea that she is doing it

A week ago i would ask her to pick them up and get told no and to go away and then the screaming would start, So this is working for me before i tried this i would of told you to buy ear plugs as the screaming can get to be a bit much lol


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