The agony of teething, mom and baby!

Dana Marie - posted on 12/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My little guy, It's Christmas, the very first! He has been miserable now for four days. He couldn't even enjoy his first Christmas and hasn't even touched his brand new toys. The eye teeth are coming in and he is in so much pain. Crying when the pain comes but won't bite on anything offered to break the teeth. He will not eat and has practically slept all day today. This is my third child but it wasn't this way with the others. How long could this pain last for him? So much motrin and tylenol for the pain, oragel and even a little rub of rum for relief. Nothing is working and I am so concerned about his not eating. When he cries I want to cry because I can not relieve his pain. My little guy is always such a happy eating machine, now a miserable, sleeping, crying, empty bellied baby!


Chasidy - posted on 12/28/2012




My son did the same thing he's ten months old when his two bottom teeth was coming in he wouldn't eat his baby food at all only would take his formula a little at a time and when I tryed to get him to bit on something he wouldn't do it either It was like it caused him more pain and on top of that he had a runny nose all at the same time I know how you feel . His stayed like that two weeks then he started getting back to hisself again . The eye teeth are the most hurtful teeth to cut he'll get through it may take a while . How old is he? Is he still on formula if so is he taking that or refusing it to ? Try to get him to take small amounts of juice from a spoon that away he want have to suck from his cup or his bottle if he's still on it if he's to young for juice try giving him formula from a spoon see if that helps I had to do that for my son intil his teeth came in .

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