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my 5 year old son is soooo smart hes always been smart so hes in kindergarten now he wasnt in school this summer he was home with me and hil little brother but i was paracticing with him over the whole summer. Bout time he got to school in sept he knew his addition his subtraction his letters how to write them the sounds they make and he was even writing sentences he had great hand writing he knew how to space out his words and everything. So im really happy he was prepaired for kindergarten now its late feb and hes writing his letters backwards he told me he doesnt no how to count on his fingers anymore and his hand writting is getting slopppy now I feel like a fool and I have to teach him all over again I spoke to the teacher about the things that he knows and sahe said oh we didnt get on that yet so when its time im sure hell breeze right thru it only thing is while hes waiting for the teacher to teach on his level his forgetting what I taught him and not taking his work as serious as i taught him too smh pease help. Any suggestions


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I have learned over the years that at public school you have to do most of the teaching at home till they get in about 5th grade. But also the teacher must meet the need of the student. Just like if a child was behind they would spend more time teaching them they are also responsible for challenging kids that are above level. Unfortunately if you don't hold their feet to the fire on this most teachers won't do it themselves. I have had to ask every year for my kids teachers to give them something more than he, she , and it as spelling words when my kids were in kindergarten reading at a 3rd grade level. Keep working at home with him and keep talking to his teacher about challenging him. Have him tested for gifted and talented program. He could definately get some challenge from that. I've even had a teacher send my child to an older grade during certain subjects they were too advanced in. But like I said if you don't make the teacher accountable they will just not do it on there own (most of the time).

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ask if he could listen in on the first grade class while the rest of the class is doing other stuff he already knows. Or if he could do some fun activities or worksheets that would be more appropriate for his learning level. Have a meeting with the teacher and principle and figure out what you can do as a team to give your son the best education possible.

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I had a similar experience with my eldest son. He knew so much, but later forgot what he had learnt. At this age, they remember fast, but if not reminded they lose the skill or memory.

Revision is necessary to maintain the skills.

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kindergarten doens't do a whole lot of stuff like addition and subtraction and there's not a whole lot of one on one like there was at home. If he's going to school he's goign to be learning at their pace for the next few years which may mean he's advanced for his age if you keep teaching him at home. You can either let it go and wait for him to pick it up again at school, you can supplement his learning at home, or you can pull him and homeschool him. He will pick it up again, but it's going to take time.

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To be honest, a lot of what they do in the first year or two of school is developing less formal skills such as creativity and socialisation through free play.

If he isn't counting on his fingers any more, is he still able to count? If so, he has internalised the skill, which is the next step from finger counting.

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I think regression is normal. I'm sure his teacher is right that he'll pick it up again quickly. When my son was 2 he learned all his letters and numbers and could identify ever one. Fast forward 1.5 and he forgot them all. He's starting school in Sept. so we've been polishing up again. He relearned to identify his written numbers within a few weeks. Now we're working on letters. Classification. Health. Beginning add/subtracting. As well integrating french into his daily routine. I'm hoping to at least have him started at writing letters before he enters school. But we'll see, I don't want to pressure him if he isn't ready either. TBH, I'm just paying extra attention to his education because he'll be going into French Immersion, which is challenging and he needs the extra attention at home.

Just make learning fun, not work. Integrate it into play, story time, his daily routine. If he starts getting frustrated, take a break and try something different. He's 5 so you can't expect him to learn while sitting at a metaphorical desk. He'll probably pick it up really fast at school again even if you're not successful at home. So no pressure on yourself either. ;)

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