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Cheryl - posted on 03/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




If anyone has two or more children, when is the best time to have another child? I have a five month old. I have heard it is easy with two small ones in the house because it is easy to entertain the two at one time. But I'm not sure I want two in diapers at the same time because of costs. I'm also not sure if I could handle two tiny ones. My son is great! I don't want his great disposition to change, with a new little one I'm afraid it will. What are your experiences?


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Hi Cheryl. I just had my second. It is busy, but I do not regret it. Daegan is 20 months, and James is just over 2 months. U make it work, everyone has a different patience tolerance, and stress level. I believe you should give your first baby as much attention as you can, and spend the quality time with your first baby as long as you can. Once they hit that year mark, they really start to absorb everything, and want to become very independent. My advice to you, would be to wait until your first is about a year, then u have that nine months to prepare them for baby # 2. I.E. transition to a big bed, they will learn to potty train soon, therefore you won't have to have 2 in diapers for long. also they r off formula/breast and onto milk and solid foods which is cheaper for you if u r planning to have another one. I find it good this way b/c I can still give my oldest the attention he needs when James is sleeping, b/c newborns sleep alot. and they both nap in the afternoon which gives me some down time too. Good luck, you will make it work no matter what u decide to do. I hope this helps a little bit.

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As a mom you know your kids the best. I was really worried about having #2 b/c of my daughters personality and I was right. It was difficult for everyone for the first 15mon.s #1 didn't want to accknowledge that her sister exsisted but since they could play together it has been great. I am waiting on #3 b/c of all the work two can be and b/c #1 is still a little sensitive but I know it won't be long and we will get through it. I think it has only helped #1 even though I have had to stay on top of things during the day.(can be exhasting -but she is a spitfire :)) But its great and they enjoy having each other! I don't think his disposition will change! And btw I wouldn't say 2 is easy b/c most of the time my two want to do differant things. My young one can't do some of the things that the older one can do -like play with play dough! It was so much easier with one! But I babysit and 2 is much easier than 4! Having two in diapers sucks! but you can handle 2! Plus a lot will change with your son before another baby gets here. The difference inbetween 6 mon and 15 mons is HUGE! Good Luck! If YOU want to do it -than do it! Looking back I would have waited -mine are 17 mon apart! Plus when your pregnant you miss out a little b/c your sick and tired -something to think about! You will know when it is time!


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