The Passive Aggressive Husband / Wife

Danette - posted on 06/05/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My spouses passive aggressive nature is destroying me. We have four young children at home and aside from my not getting any help with the children (unless I ask for it and even at that it's a 50/50 shot that it'll get done), I get no help in the house, little communication and no affection. I am also always blamed (If I ask him to take off a weekend of work to help me catch up around the house he says " YOU mean YOU want me to lose out on all of that money. " If I ask him to give me a back rub he says " you need to go see a specialist. " If I give him a dirty look as a result of him not helping me with the kids he say " You made me feel bad. " ) I've fought the "D" word for a lot of years but am to the point that it's more worth it to move forward than to stay stressed as I am. I am, outside of being around him, free spirited. I love to write, talk, dance, and just ... experience life ... something in which he doesn't care to do. (Man works. Man eats. Man watches TV. Man showers. Man snores. Man works). Desperate to avoid the sadness the " D " word could cause to my babies ...


Jessica - posted on 06/06/2015




I can tell you I was there with my first husband. Only difference is I was working all the time. I got fed up with settling and I left (he was a heavy drinker). Best thing I did for myself because I met and fell in love with a beautiful man. However, my kids years later still wish we (their Father and myself) were married. They love their Step-Father, they hate the time back and forth between homes. Give it all you got before you walk away, at least you can go knowing you fought.

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