Theres not a more important job for you to do-- my thoughts on staying at home

Roxanne - posted on 11/17/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




hey im new at this. but i just wanted to express what an amazing feeling it is to get to be apart of my childrens life, everyday. I watched an oprah show on stay at home moms verses working moms (and no im not a stay at home mom to watch tv, just happened to catch it.) They had a mom on there that made 6 digit $ and when she went to drop of her 6 week old, the day care lady told her, "now you might want to get a digital camera and bring it cause so you get to see some of her firsts on camera" And thats when it hit her. I don't want to see my childs firsts on camera. I want to experience them first hand. That has always stuck with me. Now i didn't exactly give up 6 figure money by any means. Sometimes it feels like I give up relationships, or hey sometimes even feeling valued. But thats when my husband reminds me. "Theres not a more important job for you to do. If you don't get things marked off a list, you can know that you are being the biggest part of our kids lives." I thank God that I am able to stay at home with them...changing diapers, playing cars, making tents, wiping noses, and best of all making memories. I wouldn't change a thing. Wow I get to be apart of my kids future...everyday.

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Carrie - posted on 11/17/2008




I totally agree with you - I am so blessed to be able to be the one raising our kids. My husbands mom was a stay at home mom and my mom worked so when my husband told me he wanted me home with our 2 boys (2 years and an 9 month old) i didnt knwo what i would do. I do miss adult communications and accomplishing things like jobs at work. But knowing that i can raise my sons the way I want and not how the day care wants them raised - i know we are fully blessed. Yes we have had to cut back on things - but you know what - it was ALL worth it i wouldnt change a thing and God has always provided for us - and as much as we cut back - we are not 'needing' anything - we are always provided for! it is a blessing to be home with our boys this is the most important job i agree!! nice to meet you!

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