Things to Do With Young Children?

Isabel - posted on 02/08/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )





I am a stay at home mother of two (soon to be three) children. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my third child and have a almost 10 month old son as well as a 3 year old daughter. We mostly spend our days inside, but I am wanting to get them out so that they can be around other children and enjoy doing different and new activities. However, I am not really sure of what there is to do with children that are low cost.

I have heard of and am looking into the story time at the library and there is a Mall right next door where there is a children's play area but what else is out there. How do you fill up your days with young children?



Jenna - posted on 02/09/2012




I have five children, two are in school now but the other three are still at home. We have certain times of day that are allotted for naptimes, so that takes up a few hours of the day. There's breakfast and lunch and snacktimes, those take time. Also, we do storytime at the library and we go to a playgroup once a week. I've taken kids to the mall play area before. Look around your city and town, you'd be surprised what activities there can be that are cheap or even free.

However, don't feel bad or like you're not doing enough if you just let them play with each other in your house all day long. In today's world, there is a messed up notion that we have to be DOING something every second with our kids and entertaining them all day long with all sorts of things, good things too, but kids really need lots of unstructured playtime as well because they learn all sorts of things about their world through unstructured play. I know that can be boring to the mom, but sometimes you need to just let them play without you and do something else while they're playing. Also playing WITH them, like doing puzzles together, etc., is very good learning time but it is unstructured.

Kimberly - posted on 02/08/2012




You can possibly look into a play group where they meet at parks so kids can play and moms can chat, libraries are great as they usually have story time, if you have any art places around they usually have activities on through out the year. Even just going on walks or 'adventures' to find leaves on little sticks then come home and do shading over them or other crafts. Also do your own story time and games at home. Get your three year old to help you with meals, even though it does take more time. We're lucky here as it is a hot climate so we can be outside most of the time and have a few different play group in our area. Hope that gives you some ideas


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