Three Year Old Being Awfu. Need Advice and Suggestions

Stephanie - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My two year old will be 3 in March. It seems like the closer he gets to three the worse he gets. He went from playing all day to crying, yelling, throwing toys, all because he doesn't get his way. He hated tv a month ago and now wants to watch it all day. I try to allow and hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I have so many mixed feelings. Part of me feels like i have to set limits. the other part is screaming just make him happy and stop being so obsessed. He's only a kid once. How do you break him for the tv? What indoor winter activities help keep your child's attention? I feel like hes getting in trouble because he's bored.


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The only experience I have with that age group is my nieces. Some fun things they liked to do: make necklaces with string and cherrios (or any cereal with a hole in it), finger painting, scavenger hunts, red light green light, simon says, bean bag toss ( use and old cardboard box with holes cut in it and a rolled up pair of socks, and building forts with the couch cushins and blankets. As far him getting upset, I have a spot in our hallway that my son has to go sit when he can't calm himself down. I only make him stay there until he can stop crying and it is working well with him so far.

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breaking from tv is pretty easy if you have some toys, books, watercolors, fingerpaints, etc. just fill it with other activities. stringing those big noodles is fun for kids. they have "busy books" that have buttons, zippers, snaps, matching and things like that to keep occupied. my dauhgter is three and if she doens't have a job to do, she isn't happy. she likes to help me with chores - put soap in the laundry, dishwasher, put the plastic dishes away, get a rag and clean the table, get a rag and wipe down the stairs. even if htey don't do a good job at it, it'll help. :) if my daughter throws a fit - or starts to - i just put her in the bathroom where there's nothing for her to do but run water or pee and tell her to have her fit there, i don't want to hear it. pretty soon she's poking her head out "mom, can i be good?" i hope so, come on. sometimes kids have to be a little upset every now and then. teaches them to deal with life because they will not always get hteir way. if my daughter starts to have a meltdown because she "needs" something like fruitsnacks, i'll let her know that crying does no good and after she helps me set the table and eats a good supper, she can have some. so she knows her good behavior will make her feel better and she can also get her end result. idk, hope that helped.

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Too much tv is bad for kids. They don't get to use their imagination and they don't get any exercise. So, a way to break him of it is to not let him watch any if he throws a fit about you setting a time limit. Tell him he gets one hr and if he throws a fit when that hr is up, he won't get to watch tv for a week. Then stick to it, no matter how many fits he throws. Consistancy is key. He is almost three and he is just testing his limits. If you keep caving in, because he has thrown a fit for a long while, then next time he will just keep throwing the fit for even longer, because he knows that eventually you will cave in and give him his way. It may take quite a few times, and you may feel like you are going to lose your sanity, but in the long run it will be the best for both of you. You have to teach him to respect you. For activities, let him "help" you with the house work. My kids love it when I give them a sock and tell them to dust the living room or tell them to sort the laundry. Let him make his own bed. Ya, the covers may be a little crooked and the pillow may be at the foot end of the bed, but hey it is just a bed that probably noone else sees. At three they can even "help" you cook. Even if all he gets to do is dump a cup of flour into a bowl, he will love it, because he will feel like such a big kid.

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I have a 2 and a half year old and will be 3 in April. I have the same problem but I let my girl watch tv but only chanel 11 they teach her lots but when she is bad I take the tv away form her and when she is good she gets it back. Her attitude is getting bad as well throwing things sassing back and jumping up and down when she don't get her way. it's hard and at times I just don't know what to do for her to make her happy. She tells me what to do all the time. time outs and spanking don't work but standing in the corner is starting to work. But we just started it. try Barney you little one will just love him and he teaches so much. good luck :0)

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