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Neata - posted on 08/16/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i am a mum to 2 kids and i like to have a break as im a stay at home mum my partner works but he also helps out with the kids and he will care for them like i do....so do you think its right for me to go out on a sat night which is the only time that me and my partner get off and if we can get a babysitter we will go out but i feel like people are judging me for going out that one night...i love my kids more than anything but that one night off is lovely and i would never leave them with people i dont no or trust...i just want to nno what soem of you think??x


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Amanda - posted on 08/16/2009




i think its great that you get a day off, my son is almost 1 and i havent had one whole day off since he's been born. I would kill to have just one full day off, besides its not good for baby and mommy to be together constantly, it makes it hard to leave the child with anyone, turns the child into a clingy kid, and thats not what parents want.

Tara - posted on 08/16/2009




You definitely need to take the break. You don't do anyone any good if you are stressed out beyond belief and you do need to remember who you are, and what your relationship with your partner means. I agree with Megan, you need to make time for both yourself and for you and your partner. It's difficult sometimes, but I find that is what helps most with me, and with my husband and I.

Megan - posted on 08/16/2009




are you kidding! you need it for your sanity!! you should give yourself 2 nights (or days) a month. 1 for a date night. and 1 for you and your girlfriends. it is so important to remember who you are. you were someone before you became "mommy". and you will want to be that person when the kids leave. it is so easy to lose our identity into the title of mother, but when you are good to yourself, you are good to your kids. i feel very strongly about this and i encourage my husband to do the same. after all, i am no good to anyone when i am a raving lunatic. (it happens) stay at home mommies face different challenges than working moms. but it is still all about balance. only what it is you are balancing that changes. take care.

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