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Erin - posted on 02/09/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i am a sahm of three usually delightful little girls, ages 6, 4 and 1. my husband works in the oil patch and is usually gone for 15 days and home for 6 (with the occassional unexpected night home during his 15 on) between school for my oldest, and different extra classes they all take, gymnastics, ballet, craft groups, and a few others, then dr, appointment and keeping the house, i sometimes start to feel a little clostraphobic and just want to get out on my own for a bit. when my husband gets home he will sometimes take the kids, usually one at a time, never all 3 at once. how do you find me time and what do you do to relaxe?


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Olivia - posted on 02/10/2010




My son is 9 months old and during that time I have literally spent a total of 3 hours away from him. He sleeps with us, we arent comfortable with babysitters yet, and i breastfeed him, so needless to say I understand lol Take a nice bubble bath, or go in your room and watch a movie/eat dinner on your own so that the kids and your husband arent too far away if there is a problem. Its harder (I think) for dads to be comfortable on their own with their kids because they arent there 24/7 like us. Talk to him and see if he would like take them for an hour once in awhile for you to take a break and see what he says.

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my other half is not home allot too maby if when your oldest is at school and you just have the 2 lill ones you can find a gym that has day care even if its only for half an hour a day or every other day or so, the lill ones can have a play while you go have time to yourself...the gym mite not sound like a relaxing break but i find it help to clear your head and 4 some strange reason i always feel great after leaving...best part is your only in the next room and if your kids need you the staff will just yell out :)

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Take a bath.. Go read a book get away by going to another world in the book.. Sometimes if I can't get my hubby to take my kid out so I can get a break I slip out and just go drive, when I get down the road I all him "I just needed some me time! I'll be back in a little while!!" Maybe have yoru husband sit down and just watch tv or a movie with your kids and you just go do your thing.. GOOD LUCK!! Hope you get some you time!!

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i dont have a partner so my alone time is when my daughter goes to bed at 8.15, i have a couple of hours to do the rest of my housework and watch a tv programme, then my daughter wakes up and we both go to bed. i'd love to have a bath on my own in the evening but as soon as i start to run the bath my daughter wakes up and wont go bk to sleep for about half hr, so we just have a bath 2gether in the mornings.

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I very rarely have a sitter available either. Fortunately my kids are older and both in school now, but I remember when they were small. There are only 18 months apart too, so that was a challenge. Anyway, sometimes slowing down helps. Maybe you're somewhat stressed with so many activities and cannot enjoy them when everyone is home. It helps to be able to relax and have fun with your kids. Go to the park. Take a walk. Color. Read to them. If you can slow down and watch them explore the world, you'll find yourself a little more patient. If they know they can get that quality time with mom, they won't be so demanding when you have to let them occupy themselves while you do chores.

Helen - posted on 02/09/2010




I one 15 month of my old as well as 2 stepsons that are 8 and 11 so i understand the running around... especially for my 15 month old. Thankfully when my mom moved here from out of state and is living with us temporarily, she is a huge help and will help with watching children if me and dad want a half hour or so to go run errands. We are thankful that we have a good relationship with my fiance's ex-wife and she absolutely loves our daughter and has been taking all 3 kids for a night and we are able to get some alone time for a change. I would recomment, maybe grandparents if they are able to watch kids for a night or maybe if you have another mom friend and work out like Laura said and trade one night of freedom and in return maybe do it for her. If anything at all, just look at what you have for options and see who is in your life and go from there. Good luck. i hope you get to have some alone time...

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my partner is against religion, babysitting and daycare.... So as a SAHM myself, with a nearly 3 year old daughter and a 17 month son and being 4 months pregnant I would love to relax.. We dont have a bath, just a shower, so a bath is out of the question... I have the kids ALL the time and I have learnt to just deal without having any release. I do it all coz he works all the time, and I have found putting on a kids cartoon and sitting in the corner with my eyes shut can be amazingly refreshing lol. I feel like Im going nuts 90% of the time and feel frustrated really easy. I know this will get better when I have the baby but atm I just sigh, hug the kids and keep going coz til the oldest goes to school I dont get down time... I cant get sick and I cant take an hour out. The day starts when their eyes open and keeps going til I shower quickly and pass out in bed lol. Seriously huni, with your older kids at school, it should be easy to find a way of relaxing.. I cant wait! lol

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my hubby travels a lot too.. can you find a reliable babysitter?? i have a great 18 yr old who sits and shes done it since she was 16, very mature and capable.. i also do a lot of playdates.. trade kids for sitting stuff like this.. i also go to a mothers group through my church.. great release and they have a nursery

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Take a bath, try to take a deep breath and relax. Maybe a babysitter would do you good for an hour or so.

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