Tips for a runny tummy?

Chantal - posted on 02/12/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there, my 6.5 month old has a runny tummy, today was the second day. He had 4 loose stools yesterday and 5 so far today, was weekend so could not call to make an appointment with the GP. Any tips on what I should avoid feeding or what I can feed to help stop the tummy?

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I've always found bland foods are the gentlest on dodgy tummy. Make sure to keep fluids up, if your lo doesn't seem to want to drink encourage small sips regularly or offer ice is far less important than keeping hydrated.

I would really advise Seeing a doctor Monday, if he is still having loose stools but in the mean time keep an eye on him, if his temperature goes higher than 39 degrees, give a paracetamol based child medicine (as it instructs) if the temperature doesn't go down after the meds you need to see a doctor now, don't wait. If he becomes much sicker very quickly, or if he becomes very lathargic or unresponsive take him to see a doctor now, again don't wait, take him to a&e or a primary care clinic if you can't see your gp.

If your lo is bf that is the best thing for him, keep offering him breast milk, even if he is pooing it out or being sick with it. If not keep offering his normal formula alongside some bland food (if he wants solids).


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