Tips on potty training a girl


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Lisa - posted on 11/02/2012




Introducing the potty early stops them from brig scared of it when the time actually comes too. My mum suggested sitting my daughter on the potty as soon as she was able to sit up by herself so it wasn't this big scary thug when the time came for her to use it, which we did. We would sit her on it at bedtime for a fewminutes, fully clothed to start with, then we started sitting her on it naked when we were getting her ready for bed and if she went while she was on it made lots of "yay well done" noises. As a result, she figured out pretty quickly that potty was for poop, she refused to poop in her nappy from about 6 months! Took her a bit longer to twig for pee as she was still in nappies so didn't feel when she was wet, but she figured out how to take the nappies off and potty trained herself by 1yr! We plan on doing the same with my son, but I know thatboys normally take longer to "get it". The biggest point is, they will do it when they are ready, my daughter just didn't like the feel of a poopy nappy and the potty took that feeling away but if your child isn't ready yet, don't panic. Try not to scold for accidents too as they can seethat as being told off for GOING and that just causes a whole heap of other problems (I have a friend went through that recently) If you have a few nappyless days where you just seem to be changing pants every 5 mi utes, put the nappies back on and try again in a few days

Tara - posted on 10/31/2012




I agree with Patricia - let them mimic your behavior when you go, and also put them in regular panties instead of pull-ups. Also, if you have the time, let them run around naked for a couple of days and put them on the toilet really regularly (like every hour or so) for those days.

Basically what I did with both my girls at the end was I took a weekend where both my husband and I would be able to be home all weekend, put a dropcloth over the small area of carpet we had at the time, and let them run naked and just go to the potty - we would ask them about once an hour if they had to go and encourage them to go if they thought they had to. They were both (now 3 and 4 years old) trained by the end of the weekend.

Encouragement and praise when they go is also really important, and not making a huge deal out of it if they have an accident.

Patricia - posted on 10/31/2012




take them in the bathroom and you sit on your potty they sit on theirs and they will hear you tinkle and eventually they will get it ....also let them wear regular underwear so when they do have an accident they won like the feel of wet or soiled cloth on the tush ...hats how i did it.....

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