tired all the time what do i do?

Pamela - posted on 11/11/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




i'm a stay at home mom of two boys ages three and one and a half and awhile back i noticed that i was more tired the normal at first i thought i was getting to much sleep so i started getting up at the same time every day it helped for a little bit but then i started feeling tired again so i tried changing the drapes on my bedroom window to let more light in the morning keeping my stress down i'm even drinking two or three cups of coffee a day before now one cup would make sick but now it barely helps me keep my eyes open i'ev tried to push pass the tiredness and be more active but nothing works its getting heard for me to keep up with both the kids and the house work and that's putting alot of stress of mine and my hubby relationship has anyone been though this what should i do its getting to the point were its all i can do to get out of bed in the morning


Kelina - posted on 11/11/2011




Are you taking a multivitamin? If you are good! If not start immediately! And I'd stop with the coffee, it'll just maek things worse. Go to your doctor and ask him about two things-getting blood work done to check your iron levels and thyroid. I'd also try eating some foods that are high in Iron because extremely low levels of Iron can cause the fatigue that you speak of. I'm also assuming that you've already ruled out pregnancy. And also talk to your doctor about depression because that can cause the same type of fatigue. If everything is ok with your iron and thyroid it might be beneficial for you to try some anti depressants. But definitely go see your doctor pronto!

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agreed, you might need some blood work done too. But it is normal to feel drained, my boys are 5 &3 & they completely exhaust me. Actually keeping up with my boys has caused me to have a weight-issue, I am only 94 pounds & can't gain more than 2 pounds. I drink meal replacement shake before bed for the calories & that keeps me stable but does not add. I drink protein shake with breakfast aswell. Maybe your body is lacking vitamins/protein etc. aswell? I'm tired but I can't stop, my boys don't let me. Maybe try picking up some shakes from the grocery store next time you go shpping & see how you feel after a week. I eat full healthy & balanced meals, but it just isn't enough for me, maybe your body needs some extra too?

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I was the same and went for a blood test and it was my iron and b12 levels. It could also be other things like your thyroid so I wouldn't wait until you're completely burnt out to see someone about it :)

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I agree the coffee is making it worse. I feel like a broken record always telling people this, but try Progesterone cream. Judging by your kids ages, you're probably pretty low. Birth control pills make it even lower, so does nursing (if either of those apply to you). Melatonin is what makes you sleep. Its made from seratonin, which is made from progesterone. If you try it, you'll go from exhausted and edgy to sleepy and relaxed. After a while on it, you'll be energized, and will have the look of a woman who gets her beauty sleep. There are a number of valuable books on the subject, if you'd like to learn more, or google "progesterone deficiency" or "estrogen dominance" (which is the long term effects of progesterone deficiency)


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Go get blood tests done, you could be dangerously low in Iron or B12 or something. I found Spirulina great for getting my energy levels back up after I had bub, but yours sounds to be quite serious, so def get checked out.

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I started taking Mega T, Green Tea and LOVE it. Natural energy boost. I would take one in the am and one early evening when I was feeling the drain. Green Tea in general is good for you, I just don't like the taste of tea so I took it in a vitamin/pill form. Going to sleep and waking up at a regular time is a good idea too!! Talking to your doc is a good idea too. Maybe anemic? Good Luck!

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You need to call your doc and have a sleep study done. It could possibly be sleep apnea (stop breathing for short periods in your sleep). I was tested this last summer and now sleep with a CPAP machine. It has made a huge difference in my being able to stay awake. I was even getting to the point where I would get chest pains and headaches which were all related to the sleep apnea, because of my oxygen levels dropping when I slept.

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