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i had to buy 4 cans of milk in 1 month in about to buy one more how can i make my baby drink less milk its to much money


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Yes. Check your local area for a WIC office, it stands for Women Infants and Children. Very helpful for formula, and other stuff. However, even though we have WIC, I still have to buy 100$ extra in baby formula every month because my son is a pig. Not fat, not 1 doctor he has seen has said he's even chubby. Nope. He's just huge - at 4 months, he was the size of my friends 13 month old. So we just totally had to lump it and fork out that extra money.

How old is your baby? If it's around 4 months old, you could start foods. That's what they did in the old days, you'd probably be totally fine starting foods. It takes a long time for them to go through all the foods anyway and they eat so little at first it's barely anything but if you are struggling with foods you should start this process now.

Tiny bit of rice cereal and some sort of fruit like a pear?? At first, our son only ate like 1 oz twice a day but you can slowly work up to them eating more and offereing more foods throughout the day 1st before you give any formula. Then wait to give formula after wards in case they don't need it. It's a big work in progress type of thing. But at 6 months old my son was on a good schedule food wise finally so it reallly does help.

You can also add a tiny bit of rice cereal to their bottle, just make sure it's a fast flow nipple and they can get it out well enough.

Other than that, there's not much you can do. Definiatly wait until at least 4 months old to start foods. Don't give them milk, nor honey. And just try foods early if you need to. You could also try applying for food stamps wherever you live. But heck, they said I wouldn't qualify because I still hadn't collected unemployment?! LOL Bizarre how it works. They want you to use up every method available first before giving away free stuff. Also if you own a car that's worth more than like 3 or 5 grand you won't qualify? It's crazy.

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If its formula check if where you live offers W.I.C, that helps with so much with babies and up to 5 years old.

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