To stay home, or get a job?

Bridget - posted on 06/03/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband has always been supportive of me being home with our daughter, she is 8 months and he never encourages me to get a job, and he doesnt complain about being the bread winner. But now a new circumstance has arrisen and I just dont know what to do.
My husband and I have committed to each other that we will always be supportive in each others dreams and goals, and as a family we will do what we need to do to make things happen. My husband, who is 25, decided he wants to get his MBA. Which I think is awesome, but this means that starting in the fall of 2011, he will no longer work. I will have to get a job to cover our rent/mortgage (depending on what we decide to do when we move) and extra money for groceries and entertainment. Now I dont know if the best plan is to get a job soon so that we can save even more money before we move, or if I should just wait until we move and find a job then. Im not sure how difficult it is reentering the job world after taking years off to be a stay at home Mom.
I just dont know what the smartest choice is. Any advice?


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I agree with Zara that work from home is a great option. But in most work from home jobs, you have to put in a lot of work to make what would be a "normal" salary. I have a work from home job as a sales representative. When I do make a sale, I make a lot. But it takes a lot of work to make that sale! But a huge plus about a stay at home job is you can take it with you when you move....and you get to stay home!

But if that's just not for you, I would get a part time job now just to make a little money for savings and get used to working again. There are probably summer camps or daycares you could work at for the summer. I wouldn't focus on working full time until you move. But that's just what I would do.

YOU have the make the best decision for YOUR family!

Zara - posted on 06/03/2010




Hello Bridget,

It sounds like it would be best for you to start now or soon so you can start saving up. You know how fast those years go by.

Have you ever thought about doing something from home?

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