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Angela - posted on 05/23/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 18 month old son walks primarily on his toes and has been in therapy for it for about 6 weeks now with little progress so the therapist is recomending braces. I'm unsure whether I should go this route or just give him more time. He can walk with his heels down if say he is walking on mulch or sand at the park with shoes on. I have very hard soled shoes for him and he still manages to get up on his toes. I would like to hear from anyone who has experienced this and what they did and the outcome. Thanks!


Tiffany - posted on 05/23/2010




Both of my daughters are tip toe walkers....they were never diagnosed with oldest grew out of it she is I catch my 2 year old doing it from time to time..... they only do it when they walk on any hardwood or linoleum floors.....

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About the running, don't you run a little faster if you start on your toes? You sound like you've done a lot of research and really thought about it a lot. So I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you son. But if it were me, I'd seek a second opinion before putting him in braces. Good luck sweetie.

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My daughter used to walk on her toes. She's fine now.

I talked to my pediatrician about braces at one point. She said that braces should only be used when there is a certain type of deformity (sorry, not a dr. myself so don't remember what it was). Braces were more common a generation ago, but it has been studied and determined that MOST of the funny things kids do when just starting to walk are all normal and they will grow out of it. I'm not saying your child doesn't need braces, but I would go to someone else for another opinion before you go through all that.

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Check on the autism boards. I'm not saying that;s what he has but they go through this with their children and can sometimes be an indicator that they have autism. My nephew was diagnosed first by his walking. Does he do it when he is excited about something or does he do it all the time? Remember i'm not trying to alarm you but they would be able to give the best support and knowledge about why a child does this.
Good luck

Mary - posted on 05/23/2010




Have not personal went thru it but I've seen 4-6 year olds that still do that from time to time. But I have no knowledge about if it hurts them or their feet in the long run. If not then I might not worry about it so much. But their muscles/bones may not grow correctly. Does he run at all? What is the therapy for that like? Are the braces for all day or night only? Will Insurance cover it?


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i know that is a main sign of autism, my sister has it. my son has started doing it lately, but they really can't be tested for autism until they are two. he is 17 months, it could just be them being kids because he runs flat footed. i would go to another doc or ask your pediatrician.

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Thanks everyone, all the replies are helpful. He does do it all the time and even runs on his toes. The therapist said he does have muscle weakness in his torso and flat feet which is why he goes up on his toe and over time could lead to tightness in his heel cords but at this time he has full range of motion but that could change if he continues it. I've read alot about it and alot of people do say their kids outgrow it. I'm unsure of what to do because I don't want to cause the problem to get worse either. I did think of Autism as well which worried me a bit b/c he does a few other little things too but the doctor said he doesn't think so. I guess the best thing to do would be to go with what they are telling me b/c it can't hurt. I just know he is going to hate it. Any other thoughts from anyone who went throught this or knows something about itwould be great! Thanks again everyone for the advice.

Oh and to answer your ? Mary, the therapy is alot of stretching exercises, squatting, stair climbing and walking up and down an incline.

Kylie - posted on 05/23/2010




oh my brother and I both walked on or toes as kids and so did my eldest boy. We all grew out of it. My eldest boy is three and doing fine :-)

Im not sure how servere your sons is but you are mum and do what you think is best :-)

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