Tooth decay at 10 months? Is it possible? Please help!

Valerie - posted on 04/23/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello, I have been going in circles trying to find answers for my son who just turned 10 months. I have gone to see a pediatrician and a dentist. He is my first son so you can tell I am freaking out about this especially after what I was told. From the first time he got teeth, 4 months, I became concerned due to a small chip on his left central incisor. My baby is breastfeed, he didn't fall asleep on the breast and didn't feed at night too often. However when I went back to work from winter break, his feeding schedule changed which happened in December when he was 6 months. Then he started feeding more often at night then in the day. This is also around the time he started eating baby foods too. Now all 4 of his teeth, central and lateral incisors are decaying I was told. Believe me, I have cleaned his teeth, I keep him away from fruity drinks, he drinks water when he reaches for his cup...However, he is rough when he plays, very active. He likes to attempt crawling on all fours (crawls on stomach now) and attempts to walk. I figured, his teeth might have chipped due to his rough playing and he likes to bite down on things like the hard mouthpiece on his cup, he refuses to drink from his soft ones. So I am trying to figure out if that could be the cause of his tooth decay, starting from a chip tooth? Oh, he also grinds his teeth from time to time too and I was told it is because he is still teething...So anyone with similar experience with their child(ren) in this situation please help me because I don't want my baby to go through his first dental experience of teeth capping which is what the dentist said may lead to. They are going to attempt sealing it first but if that don't work then they will have to cap it I was told. Also, one thing I forgot to mention was that I was informed that tooth decay is also caused by formula milk due to a child sleeping with the bottle in the mouth. I have been trying to make the transition from breast milk to formula and this started 2 months ago for my baby so I know that can't be the cause but perhaps it is what made it worse? I don't know...


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Some kids have very weak enamel, so often times get lots of cavities and there is not much you can do to prevent that. Some kids have very deep grooves in their matter how you brush you can't get all the food out of the deep grooves, thus leading to cavities. With the sealing and capping it helps those kids that have either the weak enamel or the deep grooves. If that is the case with your son's teeth they will probably seal and cap all his teeth or all the ones they feel will be at risk.

If your son has a chip on his tooth then that leads me to believe he injured his tooth/teeth at one time. Depending on the injury he may have damaged the tooth. The dentist will take an x-ray to make sure the damage was only to that tooth and will not affect the permanent tooth. If it is just that tooth and everything looks ok they will just leave it and watch it as he grows. His tooth will be dark. but once it falls out and the permanent one comes in it will be fine.

Best thing is to talk to your dentist.


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Tameka - posted on 04/29/2013




As a Wellness coach I know that the food that we feed our children and lack of nutrients and minerals in our bodies cause these types of ailments. Give your child some wheatgrass, or grow your own and juice it. It has a good taste to it especially if it is home grown, and the kiddos usually like it, but if not you can add it to apple juice. Another thing that causes plaque besides white processed sugar, is acid in the stomach. If they are eating a lot of meat, dairy and processed foods this causes acid reflux. Try different drinks like coconut, rice or almond milk. You can save money as well by making your own almond milk which is easy with a food processor. I don't want to go on a rant but if you guys have any questions please let me know.

Yolanda - posted on 04/27/2013




I've heard that the amount of sugars and the diet of the mother can cause tooth decay even in breast fed babies. Also I took lots of liquid calcium throughout my pregnancy and for approx. 6 months beyond.

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