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Suzanne - posted on 01/07/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am a school teacher. I had my girl in November and was planning to return to work in February, complete the school year then become a stay at home mom. That way we can pay off one of our credit cards which would make life easier. A lady at church was going to keep my girl but now she says she cant do it. I would love to stay at home but am worried about not having enough money. Should I find another sitter? Should I stay at home? Advice?


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Britney - posted on 01/07/2010




work from home. see if anyone else from church could keep her and you could work part time. to learn how to make good money working at home or for sitter suggestions contact me

Gianna - posted on 01/07/2010




This is just my opinion, i believe your child should come first. they are only young once and you shouldnt miss out on it. the school will always be there but you child is only a child once.

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I like your plan to finish out the school year then quit (it would only be a few months with breaks afterall) but if you don't have someone you trust to keep your child, I wouldn't do it. I know you have some debt you'd like to pay off. Could you really tighten the purse strings? It might take a little longer to pay off than if you were working but you have to think of your child first. Sarah's ideas about tutoring or keeping another child are great ways to help increase the income without working outside the home. I keep another child a few days a week and my daughter loves the company. Since you are a teacher, it probably wouldn't be hard to find students to tutor each day. Good luck.

Sarah - posted on 01/07/2010




I would make a plan for both. Talk with the lady from church. Can she recommend anyone else that might be good? What about other mom's at church, do they know anyone that is good? Or teachers that you work with, do they know anyone? At the same time write out all the finances. How tight would it be? Could you do something other than teaching that might help out? Tutoring? Summer only tutoring? Is there a college near by, would it be a possiblity to teach an evening class? Babysitting yourself? Not sure if this is a possiblity where and what you teach, but could you do part-time (also not sure how that would work with your contract)? Are there other possiblities that might work to help. Pray about it and go with where your heart is leading you.

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