Train, nonformally. How do you teach without worksheets, drilling, and quizing?

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My son will be three soon and I am looking for new ways to teach him about the world around him yet, I don't want to sit him down and force him to do any formal learning, how can I teach all about the things I want him to without the stress of what a teacher may go through?


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My daughter is 2 and I have the alphabet with pictures up on the wall, alphabet letters on the frig, shapes and colors on the wall. I never force her to practice, but we will go by and she'll say "alphabet!" So we'll go through the letters and the sounds they make. She initiates or I will ask if she wants to practice them. Write the alphabet in order on a piece of paper and tape to the fridge, then have him put the magnets over the correct letter. Turn things into games so that he's having fun and learning at the same time. He can learn to count doing just about anything (count your cars, count the blocks, count your toes, etc). Read a ton of books! Talk about what the title is, author, we read from left to right, look at pictures and ask him to find things. Go outside for walks and talk talk talk about the things around you. Go to museums, the zoo, the park, etc. Make your own books together - he can help you write some letters, draw pictures, come up with story ideas. Make up crafts with the letters or numbers - lots of good free printables can be found online. Don't make it a forced activity, just something fun to do with lots of coloring and interaction with you. He will like the attention and will probably be excited to have some new challenges.


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get highlights magazine or puzzle buzz by the same company. i love them, stickers to help solve puzzles, little quizzes to help them think for themselves. and my son loves getting mail.

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