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I have been a working mother all my life and now I am transitioning to a stay at home mom. I have two older kids from a previous marriage and now a 5 year old from my second marriage. I was a single parent for 9 years and was used to doing it all myself. Now being at home I find my self more unorganized then before. Any advice?


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Great ideas...thank you....I'm still doing this as a work in progress. I have been home for 3 and a half years, and still have trouble. Just remind yourself that things will get done, but the time you spend each minute with your children you will never get back.

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I am doing the same thing myself right now. Transitioning to being at home most days...I still work a little. I have a teen and a pre-teen from one marriage, and I am still married to their father. He was so good to help me get things done when I was working, and we had a maid service. Now, I am the principal maid, cook, laundry worker and taxi service. : ) It's hard to keep all that organized. Here's what I've done so far. I was given a Jan - Dec datebook that has a flex folder attached to the front cover and note pages on the back cover. I made sure to write down all the family activities in the date book, and I use the flex folder for coupons, grocery lists, and to-do lists. That has helped tremendously. I do 1-2 loads of laundry a day, and put the clothes that hang up on hangers right out of the drier. Putting them away goes much faster that way. I run the dishes at night, so I unload in the morning and fill the dishwasher through out the day. I got a Swiffer Wet Jet mop...cleans the floors in a hurry. I vaccuum twice a week (Tues/Fri). Cooking on the weekends and freezing dinners for the week is a great idea, but I haven't gotten there yet. It's on my things to try list! Meal planning is what takes the longest, but it saves you money and time at the grocery store. I ususally do this on Saturday night and go shopping on Sunday, but my grocery store puts out fresh produce on Wednesdays, so I need to shift that process to later in the week! I'm still a work in progress myself, but I hope these ideas will help you!

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Treat this being a stay at home mom the same way you treated your "real job" before this.... Whatever worked best for you then should work well now.... I'm a list person, so everynight before bed I write out the next days to-do list on a dry erase board. Timetables like Lisamarie suggested are great as well. If the problem is unorganized stuff and spaces, decide which particular area is bothering you the most and figure out how to make it work for you and then tackle another area (never look at the big picture, it's overwhelming!) I wish you luck!

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The best place to start would probably be timetables. Make a list of all the things you need to do during the day, setting aside time for your children and yourself and work out the best time during the day to do each item on the list, male a timetable and try to stick to it, after a while you won't even need the timetable at all. Good luck! :)

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