traveling with a 8 month old

Amy - posted on 04/29/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im about to travel from florida to missouri which is a 17 hour drive with out stopping. so it should take around 20 hours with reguar stopping. are there any suggestions on making this trip easier? any ideas on products that may make it a little less stressful? my daughter will be about 8.5 months old when we leave and be 9 months old when we come back home.


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Sarah - posted on 04/29/2010




Okay here goes..... from a travelin' momma. My boys have done 2200+ miles in just a few days on vacations, flown 40+ times and we travel for my husband's work so we are getting to be experts at this. Go to the dollar store/ target/ walmart whatever and get a few things that she hasn't ever seen or played with before and wrap everything individually like birthday gifts so that when she starts to pitch a fit- and she will- you can give her something new to open and play with. If you don't have a dvd player I would suggest getting one or rigging a tv/dvd combo to play her favorite movies. I am not normally a fan of sitting the kids in front of the tv but what else can she do strapped to a seat for hours at a time? I would also suggest planning some stops along the way, even at travel stops or when gassing up (so you don't have to stop twice) where she can get out and stretch her legs for a few minutes. Car seats generally don't have a ton of padding and making her sit for hours can give her bruises so maybe a blanket stuffed under her tush and behind her back will make her more comfortable. Have lots of her favorite snacks and juices available too, and don't forget her blanket or other security object to help calm her. Remember if you haven't done this before there is going to be some crying and screaming going on, but this should all help all of you get there in one piece.

Melissa - posted on 04/29/2010




Take lots of TOYS... if you haven't traveled with her yet I would not set your goal for no stops because that probably will be impossible. My son was happy just to get out of the car for 30 mins when we took an 8hr trip... we drove in the evening hoping he would sleep.. NOT reality there! He stayed awake for most of the trip. GOOD LUCK!

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