Tricks to Beating Cabin Fever?

Jodi - posted on 01/25/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey all, I'm a SAHM to 3 beautiful girls. I have a little girl who turns 3 this spring, and twin girls who just turned one yesterday!!!! I live in Wisconsin, and even though it's been a very mild winter, I'm finding it next to impossible to get outside! The girls don't walk completely just yet (although we're getting closer) and if I get them bundled up in their snowsuits they *can't* crawl, only sit, and that does not make them happy babies. I get them out when I can, a couple times a week, but we're spending soooo much time indoors! HELP! I'm looking for tips on things I can do with my twins to keep them entertained while I entertain my 3 year old, who doesn't ALWAYS want to play with her sisters.

We read books, we bang on pots and pans, I can get them to color for about a minute and sometimes i let them pudding paint on their highchair trays. I'm looking for new, inventive ideas to throw into my arsenal of other ideas! Thanks ladies!!!


Lisa - posted on 01/25/2012




Brr!! MN is cold!

I've been letting my kids put swimsuits on and play "beach" in the bath tub. Kids are almost two and almost 4. For some reason bath is much more fun with a swim suit on?!?! We have an unfinished basement that is bassically just storage and my husbands 'work space' I brought some of the outside toys down there and let them kick balls around ride bikes around. And we go to the Library all the time. We sit and read books, we can usually sit for about an hour. My kids love to 'help' so sometimes I let them unload the dishwasher... although things are always in weird places and I can never find what I want when I need it. I hope that helps


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Katherine - posted on 01/27/2012




You can try and, your library for story times, play groups (meetup) the rec center, sometimes your local craft store has craft times for kids etc....Oh and you can let them paint with shaving cream.

Callie - posted on 01/27/2012




I take my daughter to a playgroup. If you don't have one locally you could put together one with a few of your mommy friends (rotate houses). Just going to someone elses house and having different toy and people to play with is great. We also have a YMCA membership. I drop my 2yo daughter at the kid zone and she has a blast playing while I get some mommy time to exercise. I'm also enrolling her in a swim class there and maybe a dance class to get us out of the house.

Jodi - posted on 01/27/2012




Lisa, yes...bathtime apparently IS better with a swimsuit on! lol Thanks for that tip! lol

Chrystal, the obstacle course was a HUGE hit! I definately see us doing that a couple times a week from now on!

Kay...I would *love* to move to California! lol But, that's not going to happen! As it is, the snow in a pan idea is a great idea, I havn't tried it yet, but it makes sense that if I'm having such a hard time getting my kids out to the snow...I can bring the snow into them!

Sally, there is an Indoor Sports Center that has a toddler play time 3 times a week...but it's over an hour away. :( But you saying that made me think that maybe I could tip off our local community group to put together a tot time at our local Legion Hall (it's HUGE). One of them is my neighbor, so I'll talk to her next time I see her!

Thanks everybody for the tips! I actually got my kids outside yesterday! My mom came for a visit and before she left i made her help me get the kids all bundled up (it was a 41 degree day), got out the wagon and we had a blast!

Sally - posted on 01/27/2012




Check your local Parks and Rec for some sort of play time thing.

Here we have Tot Time which is when the Community Center puts a bunch of balls and scooters and things in the gym and lets you turn your preschoolers loose. You have to stay and supervise them, but it's only $1 for 1 1/2 hours of them running inside.

One of the local homeschool groups also rents the police gym once a week. I think that more like $5 bucks, but it's all afternoon for the whole family and they have a potluck.

If there isn't something already where you live, maybe you could get with some other mommies and get something started. Most kids playplaces give a group discount and some of them will make the discount better if you can guarantee a group at the same time every week or month.

Good luck

Kay - posted on 01/25/2012




Yes, move to California...80 today, just got back from pool...if you can't do that, let me see from my winters in Ohio with babies. Make a fort with sheets in the living room, boxes..little kids love boxes to crawl in and through, the 3 year old can use her crayons to decorate them,snow...bring some inside in pans and let them play with it with their mittens on, music...make some homemade instruments that they can shake and rattle(child safe ) and put on the Wiggles and let them go to it, fabrics...make up a box with different textures, velvet,corduroy,fake fur,satin,terrycloth etc.and let them play...invite a 6 + neighborhood girl to come be a mother's helper after school to play with the twins with you watching . Hope this helps...The other Moms will have a lot of suggestions too. Spring is coming!

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