Trouble getting 10 month old to sit still to eat meals in highchair

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My 10 month old boy is causing a struggle every time I feed him in his highchair. He has been doing this for the last few months but it is now getting ridiculous. He does this when my husband feeds him too. At first he was satisfied holding a toy or a water bottle cap, etc. Now anything I give him, he immediately throws it to the floor. If I don't give him something else or pick it up and give it to him, he refuses to eat. He will look at it and fuss or cry. I realize picking it up or giving him something new is not the answer but I'm so frustrated. It takes forever to get him to finish a meal. I am embarrassed to say that I've been so frustrated recently that I've allowed him to watch a Einstein video while eating the last two meals just to have a break from the struggle. I guess he is teething again or is having a growth spurt b/c he is fussy or breaking out screaming as if in pain the last week which is unlike him except during meals. He is better during meals if everything he eats is finger foods and he can feed himself. But he is not yet off of jared food since he is not a year yet. I do give him some finger foods each meal/snack so that he is learning to feed himself. I just started letting him try to feed himself jared food with a spoon. Boy is that messy. Any thoughts or helpful ideas are greatly appreciated. This is my first so I have no experience to draw from.


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Thanks for the tips Joanna! I have been using homeopathic teething tabs since he was about 5 months. Thank goodness for those and the fact that most any aggravating thing is a phase/for a season! :0)

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these are all natural teething tablets. you can get them at walmart and target too. they work like magic. orajel causes cavities these don't.

i like to make little ice cubes on a popsicle stick and let my kids suck on it. they love it esp when they are teething,

eating - let him feed himself even if it's messy. give him food that will not make a big splash. like sweet peas, carrots, plain pasta, chicken chunks......

don't worry, he'll get better. it's just for a season. =)

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