Trying for a 3rd baby!

Christina - posted on 12/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 4yr old and 2yr old, now we want a 3rd baby. I have my Mirena removed on Nov 5, and waited 1 cycle. We didn't get pregnant this month. Has anyone tried using the Ovulation test strips or BBT (body basal temp)? If so, how is the best way to use them. I've been using the calender to spot my most fertile days.


Jennifer - posted on 12/28/2010




I have used the ovulation tests twice and was successful the first month both times. You take it like you do a normal pregnancy test. The only difference is you have to do one every morning starting on a date that is about two weeks after your last period (it will give you a chart to follow according to the length of your normal cycle) Just before you are about to release an egg, your body raises a certain hormone that the test detects. Once it detects the spike in the hormone, you have 48 hours to have sex. It really is simple, and since you just had the mirena removed, your cycles could be a bit unpredictable and this would really help.


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Brittany - posted on 03/28/2016




I know this post was years ago but I just had my Mirena IUD taken out about a month ago because me and my hubby want to try for another baby.. Did you end up getting prego with your 3rd child then? did you have to try for a long time, if you did? Did you end up using an ovulation test and if so, did it work? Thanks for your time! Any suggestions would be great! thanks so much! :)

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