Trying to get prego with baby number six crazy I know I get that alot

Cassie - posted on 11/09/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Trying for baby number six been trying for month in a half usually no problem but this time nothing went as far as charting periods pinpointing ovulation no period since Oct third six prego test all negative no period so stressed out bought a ovulation kit today day one not ovulating yet any moms going though this or any advice


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Michelle - posted on 11/11/2016




I will say stop stressing about it. Stop "trying" all the time and take the view of it will happen when it happens. The more you stress over it the longer it can take to fall pregnant.
I was trying for a while with #3 and then the month that life just got in the way of trying and we only had sex once that month, I fell pregnant.

Sarah Jane - posted on 11/10/2016




Hi Cassie i have six children myself so don't think your crazy lol it took me i really long time to get pregnant with number 6 the rest were not long at all id say keep trying dont give up it will happen Xx

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