Trying to get Son on a schedule and in his own bed..HELP!

Emmie - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is 2 and were having a hard time getting him on a schedule for bedtime..first he HATES naps this child might nap 3 days out the week..I am just now having luck with naps everyday still not very stable on it..Then he does not go to bed until like midnight or later and thats even without a nap He really just wants to stay up and play We have to fight to stay awake at night till he finally gives up and sleeps and he usually fusses and fights before finally giving up. Hes also In our bed and for awhile he was sleeping in his own bed but He all of a sudden starts screaming at night when its time to go in his bed. Can some one please give me some advice on how to get him on some kind of sleeping schedule or something I can do to get him to go to bed at a decent time like 9 or 10, and somethign to help him stay in his own bed!! Having such a hard time and have not been sleeping well for a long time!


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make it to a game or try a reward chart if he sleeps in his bed all night he earns a sticker after so many stickers he gets a toy or something else

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DO you stil use the Johnsons Bedtime Bath & Lotion? That still works and it helps my son sleep, we also play music at night on low so its not quiet and its calming so it helps him stay asleep even through storms, it might be too dark also...My friend recorded herself and her Baby's daddy reading stories and put them on a cd and let that play at night, she said that it worked like a charm so you might also consider that...

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When we had sleep problems with my oldest son our ped. recommended the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weisbluth. It was so helpful. It recommends a sleep routine and surprisingly an early bedtime. The earlier they go to bed the better and longer they sleep. It really works. My sons are now 2 & 4 years old and we have had no issues with them going to bed since we put the suggestions from the book into practice. They go to bed at 6:30 and 7:30 and sleep all the way through. They each also get a nap during the day. As the other mom said, it can be difficult for a few days but you are doing yourself and your son a favor. Best wishes for a good nights sleep.

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I am so sorry you are having these problems. If he is not taking his naps I would not worry about it. I know some kids just don't need naps and it is not an issue I would force. I would recommend an hour of "quite time". Were he can look at books in his room or lisen to some soft music. You also might try adjusting his diet as well. Try not to give him anything with sugar an hour before bed time (like about 7PM). And that includes fruits, because they carry a lot of natural sugar (like grapes, apples, etc.). And if you give him anything to drink after 7pm, only give him water. Then set up a bedtime routine and do this everynight!! It will take about 5 days, but if you are consistant he will adjust. For example. After dinner, have about 30 to 45 minutes of active play, then give him a nice soothing bath. If he likes bath time let him play for about 15 minutes. I recommend using lavender bath products as they will help to relax him. Then sit and rock with him in a low lighted room and read him a night time story. Play some soft music, or put a humidifier in his room or a fan, for these can all create soothing sounds. Do not have anything with flashing lights or fast music for this will just stimulate him. Then when it is bedtime, just put him in his bed, tuck him in and close the door. If he gets out of his room, just put him back in. Don't talk to him, jst tell him its bedtime, and put him back to bed. The first few nights of this will be difficult, but it should get easier every time. Good Luck!


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Our son is almost 18 months (I am also nearly 8months pregnant) and I am lucky if I can get him to take a single one hour nap a day shortly before noon (he will NOT sleep later in the day if he can help it). He only sleeps about 10hours (generally about 9pm-7am). But the only reason he does get into bed and sleep is because we have a strict bed time schedule that starts around 8pm every night. It was a lot of work at first to make it stick, but you need to be firm and very patient - you need to show your child that YOU make the rules, not them.

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Our ped. recommended the book 'no cry sleep solution' it worked for a little while but I kept giving in... my fault. However with my second I try to be much stronger on the rules, it just take consistency and sticking with the schedule.

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It's a hard one I just got done with this challenge a few months ago. My three year old daughter sleeps with one of our sheets from our bed and takes it to her toddler bed with her. I also sing her favorite songs to her and run my fingers through her hair to soothe her to sleep. Good luck I hope God blesses you with the answers you need to get your little one to sleep and sleep in his own bed. We haven't conquered naps yet she's still fighting that one.

Cheri - posted on 03/12/2010




Hey Emmie

My daughter stopped naps at the age of 2. Then it was all over for me....
She is 5 now and is on the same schedule she has her bath, snack all done by 8pm and she winds down...that means no playing, etc....
I read to her and she is in bed at 9pm...lights out....I have to lay there with her until she falls asleep and I have to get out...
Keep him out of your bed! That is where I made the mistake...Put him in his bed until he falls asleep then go.!
Good Luck...its hard...I have been there...and very stressful

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