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Ann - posted on 07/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'll be 23 this winter and already have two beautiful children. My husband and I have talked things over as I told him I wanted to get my "tubes tied" and as much as we love our children, we really don't want anymore kids, 2 is good for us. A couple days ago I missed my period though, so i'm expecting I may be pregnant again. I was wondering if anyone knows if they would do it after birth, or how you go about arranging that? I've read a few info points on the internet, but would like a story from a real-life experience rather than just facts.


Michelle - posted on 07/27/2013




Where I live you would be considered too young to get it done. It doesn't matter how many children you have or that you think you are done.
My cousin wanted hers done after baby #2 but was only 22. Needless to say she has just had baby #7!!!!!!! She's only 33.
Would Hubby be willing to have a vasectomy? It's easier for a vasectomy to be reversed than a tubal ligation but the whole point of both operations is permanent. That's why they don't like to do them on young people.
If by horrible chance your husband had an accident and didn't survive. You move on and would like another child with your new husband. If you have had a tubal then it's pretty much a no go.
Don't say never as I was over having any more children when I met my 2nd husband. I now have a gorgeous daughter that I wouldn't swap for the world. I told him that if he wanted his own children to find someone else as I wasn't having any more. I had my 2 (from my 1st marriage) and that was it for me. I had my first 2 in my 20's but my 3rd in my 30's. You can change your mind but you really don't want to regret your decision in 10 years.

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