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Beata - posted on 12/04/2008 ( 12 moms have responded )




My 4 month old hates tummy time. Should I just let her cry or not make her do it?? I'm worried she will not learn to crawl but I'm also worried by letting her cry there she will hate it even more. Any opinions???


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Shannon - posted on 04/24/2010




My 4 month old HATES tummy time. We started it at 3 months and doing it a few times each day until she got VERY fussy. We tried using the boppy pillow, I bought a tummy time mat and neither one works. She has very good head control, back and legs but her arms are week which is making tummy time not fun. We do put her on our lap and let her sit up, when we carry her we have her facing out or sitting on our arms facing us, I also bought a bounce and spin exersaucer and she doesn't mind that but does get tired after a few minutes. Tuesday she will be exactly 4 months old and we have her check up, so I'm curious what her doctor will say.

Ami - posted on 01/18/2009




When you put her on her tummy, what is she looking at? If the blanket she is lying on has too much print, it could be sensory overload. Afterall, the exercise of holding her head up is hard work! ;-)  I used to lay on my tummy with our son, and he would be able to look into my eyes, he liked that a lot. Start for short periods of time, for instance a few seconds, then daily work your way up for a few more seconds, soon she will be on her way to loving it, and rolling over to see what is above her. Good luck!

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if you just let her cry she will start to associate tummy time with upset.. just go with her on it... put her on tummy and when she gets upset pick her up.. i know its hard as we want our babys to like everything but sometimes it takes time.. i suppose im quite fortunate as my daughter has a good 10 minutes before she gets upset.. xx

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I am not a big proponent of watching lots of tv, but my daughter LOVED Baby Einstein and HATED tummy time. So I would put on a baby einstein video and put her on her belly in front of it and she could easily do that for 10 minutes. I would just do that a couple times a day to help her get through it. Eventually her neck got strong enough and she got used to it enough that she didn't need to have the video on every time.

Nicole - posted on 12/06/2008




Hi, my son loved being on his tummy, but my daughter didn't, so I used to lay her over a pillow so her face was off the floor but her hands could touch it and she liked that a lot more. Also you could lay her over your leg whild your sitting on the floor with her so her heads up and hand and feet are on the floor. I'm assuming that she isn't rolling over yet... you could try laying her on her back and then rolling her over, making a game of it lots of laughing and tickles. Good luck. : )

Erin - posted on 12/05/2008




I wouldn't force it at all. My daughter hated it too because she would hold herself up with her arms and couldn't use her hands to play. I quit trying...and she crawled at a normal age. You can do tummy time by just laying her on you chest to chest and play with her that way. I did lots of that with my daughter.

Jennifer - posted on 12/05/2008




All 3 o my children slept on their tummys since 4-6 wks old, so for me, it wasnt a pob...it was keeping them on their backs that was trouble! I would let her cry, she will roll over if she wants which will be just as good as learning to crawl, whe will learn that she has other ptions, and to do it by herself will be a great challange, and accomplishment!!! Best of luck to you

Anne-Odile - posted on 12/04/2008




My 8-month old daughter didn't like tummy time either, which also got me worried for a while. She had a bad spit up problem in the early weeks, so didn't spend much time on her belly as a result, so she didn't get used to it early. Our local baby developmental specialist recommended to keep on trying 4-6 times a day, every day, but only for as long as they can stand it (even if it's only a few minutes at at time; when they start getting fussy, give them a break). She also recommended putting the baby on an exercize ball and bounce her lightly forward/backwards, and from side to side. It builds up their back/neck/arm strength as they push off their arms (or even if all they do is the airplane), which will help them for tummy time but also rolling over. We did it quite a bit in front of a mirror to make it exciting. She ended up rolling over around 6 months, and is now almost crawling. She'll probably crawl within a month or so. Now that she can roll over and back on her back on her own, she can stand being on her belly a lot longer. It's still not as much as other babies, but she's done a lot of consistant progress, which is what matters.

Carolyn - posted on 12/04/2008




Yeah, I don't get how a baby who loves sleeping prone [and on the tummy if I would let her] can hate tummy time so much. With my first, I did as Lorilynne suggested, leaving them for longer intervals. They're much more agreeable to tummy time once they can roll, and have some control over the matter.

Lorilynne - posted on 12/04/2008




Both of my kids hated tummy time at first but I still put them down for a few minutes at a time at intervals throughout the day and then I would pick them up when they started rubbing their face into the ground. Eventually I could leave them for longer periods of time as they got stronger and could hold up their heads. Try a tummy time mat that has the little pillow or even a boppy pillow if you have one, my son used that for a bit and he loved being propped up. Also, use positive reinforcement. I get down on the ground so my son can see my face and as he pushes himself up I cheer him on. It always makes him smile :)

Nicole - posted on 12/04/2008




Tummy time can be a cry fest for most babies. Between my 2 sons and niece, I've turned a closed ear to it. Let yourself think its good for her to get mad, Even tell her to get mad! this is exercise, no pain no gain@! Ok, really, it's not painful she's just not used to it. Be sympathetic and sing her a song or make goofy voices. Make sure the area is comfy, a rug with blankets on the floor or a bed surrounded by pillows and 110% parental attention! Try laying her on her back and have toys handy. Tease her by holding the toy within reach and when she goes for it pull it to the side away from her hoping that when she goes for it she'll start to roll towards her belly. Have all kinds of toys with in eye sight but out of reach, music, baby show. Most importantly before belly time make sure she was not just fed but not hungry, and is clean and dry. Before you know it she'll be rolling onto her belly on her own. Make sure you don't leave her unattended for even a 2nd, it's a terrible thing to have a baby roll off a high surface. Belly time means playpen, floor, exersaucer and swing. This is a must time for babyproofing the house. Get down on your belly and see the world from her perspective. Happy learning and growing!

Alyn - posted on 12/04/2008




My son HATED tummy time. I think his was because of his really bad acid reflux. I just did it for a minute at a time. It was suggested to me to add a minute every day....but I didn't because he hated it so much. He did eventually crawl--just on the late end of normal (though I now know he has Sensory Processing Disorder, which could be by he crawled then)

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