TV addicted Toddler... Help!

Beck - posted on 04/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Help my toddler is addicted to tv, we get tantrums if we turn it off and she cannot seem to stick with anything else to keep her occupied, she immediately comes straight back to wanting the tv again. Any suggestions on how to find other stuff for her to do without resorting back to the tv?


Eleisha - posted on 04/11/2010




Just stand your ground. You are the mother and she is your child, and you are the boss. Hide the channel changer and unplug the TV, so it cannot be turned back on. Offer her a couple of other activities to do and if she still refuses ignore her, even if she chucks the BIGGEST tantrum. By ignoring her she will finally realise that it is getting her nowhere and stop. JUST BE STRONG!


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I agree! Roxanne, my 19 month old daughter and I both LOVE Baby Einstein DVD'S.......they're great, appropriate for certain specific ages and education levels! Highly recommend them!

Sarah-Anne: Roxanne LOVES the da Vinci one.......what about ur daughter? Any fav's?

Sarah-Anne - posted on 04/12/2010




I'd say unplug the tv and ignore her. if all else fails only allow educational shows like on Nick Jr and Baby Einstein DVDs. my daughter is 13 months and is learning English, French, Spanish and Sign Language, she also is starting to recognize colors. All this mostly thru watching Baby Einsteins.

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OMG! First of all, allowing ur toddler to watch TV is child abuse in my opinion! ;) LMAO!

Take a deep breath......I'm just bugging!

My daughter LOVES coloring so it's my number one go to distraction! At one point I unplugged the TV so she was unable to turn it on herself and she would get frustrated but after 3-4 days of redirecting or focusing her attention to something else Roxanne realized she had to ask me to turn the TV on......she became bored with it!

How old is ur toddler?

Good luck!

Crystal - posted on 04/11/2010




I agree with Eleisha. You have to stand your ground and let her know that YOU decide when she can watch it, not her. My 2.5 year old loves watching her movies and her shows. But I absolutely limit it. Maybe an hour in the morning while I get ready and do some housework, but then we try and get OUT of the house for an activity or errands. Then when we come back, we don't even look at the TV. My kids immediately go play in their rooms with toys, or we play a game. Try and keep her occupied with different things. If you can't sit with her at that moment, maybe have her color a picture, or "read" books, or even help you if its something you can let her help with. :) (i.e. laundry) does she have legos, or barbies, or dolls ... play food (she can "cook" for you)? Then maybe in the later afternoon, another 30-40 minutes of TV, and then family time after that??? :)

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