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Hannah - posted on 04/06/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 year old Zac doesn't watch that much TV, but someone recommended TVOKids to put on for him when I need to do chores around the house, any opinions or other suggestions?


C.ok - posted on 04/08/2016




Some people belive tv is really bad.
I don't think it's terrible if watched in small periods.
I haven't tried tvokids.
Maybe check out the programmes on there your self if you have time.
See if Wat there showing agrees with your parent teaching.
Some cartoons can be abit violent or encouraging in the wrong things.
So always good to check first and keep and eye out whilst there watching.
Maybe if he's not fussed on TV.
Get him to Sit down with some books you may know off by heart.
He can turn the pages look at the pictures while you tell him the story whilst doing your bits.
You can ask him to find things on the page aswell like Wat colour is the hat ect.
He's in control of the book.
And your hands are free.
That's if he can talk well.
Good luck.
Hope this post is of some help. Xx


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Paula - posted on 04/15/2016




As a Mom of 4, I can tell you that TV is not the enemy. As long as you choose educational but fun, you know what it is, and you limit the time and balance it, then you and your child will develop a routine. 30 mins of a show (or DVD) while you do 30 mins of laundry or whatever. My twins loved the Classical Baby program. It was music and animals and very entertaining. And at the end they clap and the curtain goes down and the TV goes off. If thats how you can get some time, then go fot it. Everything in balance and moderation! :)

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