two versus three kids, is it much harder?

Gillian - posted on 12/04/2012 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hi im new here, just a question, i have two girls and may try for a boy in the next year or so, is it hard being a stay at home mom with 3 kids, plus school schedules etc. im scared to take that step but im worried if i dont have a third i may regret it forever!! Any advice please ladies :) My kids are 4 years and 15 months.


Michelle - posted on 12/04/2012




I also had my 3rd a bit later. My first 2 are from my first marriage and they are now 11 & 8.5. I remarried and now have a 2.5yo. I found it easy as from the day my daughter was born she just had to fit in with everyone else. I was always at the school with the boys (my 2 older ones) and she was happy just to be a social butterfly.

The boys love their little sister and do so much for her. From getting her out of the cot in the morning and making her breakfast to sitting down at night and watching a movie with her. I'm glad I changed my mind and had the 3rd.

I would be careful about why you are having the 3rd though. Don't have it just because you want a boy, it may not happen. Will you be upset if it's another girl? I know a family that had 7 boys because they kept trying for that elusive girl and it never happened.

Janelle - posted on 12/11/2012




Another baby= another year of diapers, 32 more teeth to have checked every 6 months. But DO IT! It is so sad to me to hear moms wish they had tried harder when they were younger to have another baby because now they can't seem to conceive naturally. They're only little for a little while but they love you for a life time.

Mine are close together. My son is 9 and my daughters are twins 7. Together we make a good community. They have their strengths and weaknesses and they work together. I don't mean to act like it's paradise because it has it's challenges, the house is always a mess and I'm constantly reasoning with teachers to help me help my kids get their home work done because I just don't have enough time after school to help all three. But again, temporary, one of them is working more and more independently. So Go For It! Shoot, I sort of want another myself.

Cyndi - posted on 12/06/2012




I have three also, mine are 7,6,& 5. The older 2 are 11 months apart and the youngest is 16 months younger than the 2nd. For me there was no big difference in 2 or 3, or even 4 when i have my niece witb us. If you decide to the. Keep sone kind of routine, lay all clothes out the night before kind of stuff. It helps us SO mucb and yoy can tell when one doesnt do it cause thy are running around trying to find socks or shoes lol. Check out :) good luck!!!

Terri - posted on 12/07/2012




I have 3 boys, 4 yrs, 3 yrs, and 21 months, and am 24 weeks pregnant. Personally, I thought the transition from 2 to 3 kids was easier then from 1 to 2 kids. I stay at home with them and love every moment. Yes, there are moments when it is challenging, but I wouldn't change it.

Shannon - posted on 12/06/2012




I have a 6 year old a 4 year old and a 2 year old. It is the hardest job I have ever had. They are so worth it though. My biggest problem is the major personality shift of the 3rd. I had 2 quiet kids, and my third is all get up and go. While I may not have a hand to hold for the others. Luckily my 6 year old is very good at following the rules. My guess is you are ready for the shift. If you are worried you may regret it go for it. If you are wouldn't be asking the question. :)


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Gillian - posted on 12/10/2012




Thanks so much for the help ladies :)

So my daughter's names are Rebekah Grace and Rachel Rose, if i have another girly i would love to name her Ruth, would this be too many 'R's???

Kaitlin - posted on 12/06/2012




I have three- the first two are 12 months apart, and then tobias is 17 months after. It's awesome. They love their baby and they teach him things. It takes a little longer to get ready in the morning or to get out the door, but we've found ways to multitask (like 'snack bags'- everyone gets into the van and has cereal or a banana or whatever in the van- I put them in their individual bags and off we go). When I was pregnant the second time, I got my son a doll to practice with, and then when I got pregnant again, he taught is brother how to practice for the new baby.

Gillian - posted on 12/04/2012




Hi Michelle, no actually i wouldn't mind another girly, i love all things pink and princess :) My husband is keen on 3 kids and i suppose he is hoping for a little boy, but he said if we have a third girl then we will stop, four is not an option. thanks for your help :)

Liz - posted on 12/04/2012




I have 4 kids and my oldest just turned 6 and my youngest is 18 months. It was CRAZY when they all needed me for pretty much everything, but now things are calming down a bit. There is not a huge difference between 2 and 3, and an even lesser difference between 3 and 4. My oldest just started kindergarten this year and he goes to a private school so I have to drive him there and pick him up. It was a huge schedule change for all of us, having to get up earlier and go to bed earlier, but my kids took it like champs. I was the one who had a hard time with it :) I say go for it, but I've always wanted lots of kids.

Michelle - posted on 12/04/2012




Like Sarah mine are far apart in age we have my niece who is 17 my son who is 12 and my daughter is 3 1/2, for us busy is keeping up with the older two thankfully my kids are all into the same activity they all dance and so it is just how many nights of the week and for how long. My 3 year old has now just started activities so on top of chasing the older two we now have preschool and other programs for the little one to attend 4 days a week as well. I am only a part time stay at home mom and thank god for grandma cause dad doesn't get home in time to run any of the children

America3437 - posted on 12/04/2012




The only good things that I see so far having three is...

1. You are a pro by number 3 and can pretty much handle anything child related!

2.As long as there are three one will ALWAYS tell who did it!

3.Just one more person to love and spoil!

Sarah - posted on 12/04/2012




I have 3 kids, but the age spacing is a bit different. Mine are 14 yrs, 11 yrs, and 18 months. So our busy is a bit different. I think you always have busy no matter how many kids you have. I once had a friend tell me that you are just as busy with 1 child as you are with 5 kids. I think that is true. With one child you involve yourself in more things. You also have to entertain more with 1 child. You will find that your oldest will be a big help and suprisingly your 15 month old may also be a help. There will be times when you will feel like it is more work then help, but then there will be times when they can help entertain or grab something for you and it allows you to get more done.

For me my busy is getting the older two to and from all their activities. Some nights are later nights as we are attending the older two's events. We try to keep a pretty good routine with allowing room for flexibility.

I would say if you feel you may regret it then go for #3. You will have many blessings along with the busy. :)

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