Two year old still not sleeping all night in his crib

Daisy - posted on 08/03/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is almost two and he still does not have all of his teeth but he starts out sleeping in his crib but sometimes he will last til 3am or 4am, once he lasted til 5am but recently he now only lasts til 11 or 12am before he wakes up and we have to bring him with us if we all want to sleep. We do give him Motrin as we do realize he still has teeth left to come out and some molars but other than that, we just wish he would sleep all night in his crib. He hates his crib. He shares a room with his 5 year old sister so they both wake each other up but my daughter sleeps all night regardless. Any suggestions, i know we have to sleep train him but we have neighbors and it is not fair to them to have a child wailing for a week to train him. Don't know what to do....good thing is that no matter what he always starts out in his crib...


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A week worth of bugging the neighbors from crying is worth him not sleeping in your bed anymore.


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Daisy - posted on 08/07/2011




Well i have to say that last night wasn't so bad. He woke up around 12am and i went in and put his pacifier back in his mouth as he was looking for it and left immediately without talking or touching him. He fell asleep right away and wasn't up til almost 5am...that's a start...

Daisy - posted on 08/06/2011




Thank you Bobbi and everyone else, i appreciate the support. I will start the training and i will move him to a toddler bed and hope we can get past this. We have wall to wall neighbors and honestly, we keep to ourselves at least until we can buy our home soon. But they will just have to hear him cry for a week, plus the kids room has no neighbors only the ones downstairs from us and i'm sure they won't hear him as much. Thanks...

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Let your neighbors know that you want to sleep train your kid, and that he may cry, maybe they'll say that they can't hear anything. I remember when I had a similar situation, my two kids also share the same room. I would tell my 3 yr old girl to talk to her brother, it helped sometimes. Maybe they can read books together have a nice quiet time before bed.

Bobbi - posted on 08/05/2011




oh daisy, it's not your fault! every mom does the best she can for her family. It just leaves some decision making now. Don't blame yourself :)

Daisy - posted on 08/04/2011




Thank you ladies, i actually did think about the toddler bed because he really never liked the crib. See all of this is my fault. He used to sleep in his crib until the morning and yes he would wake up several times at night but that was it. Soon as he got a severe ear infection when he was months old, i had him come with me to the bed and that was my mistake. As for a lovey i have to say that he does not want any, we have tried blankeys, stuffed animals you name it and he won't take to it. He's not into any type of lovey. As for the neighbors, he seriously knows how to wail and he shares a room with his sister so it's not really fair either. We're going to try the toddler bed because he gets super excited when he gets on his sisters big bed but his crib is another story. Ironically enough, with Samantha we vowed never to bring her to our bed and honestly she never liked it either, but with Gabriel between his ear infection and teething, it's been a battle and now it's a habit.

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Maybe it's not his teeth but his bed. At 2 years old, he could be outgrowing his crib and time to move into a toddler bed or twin bed.

Carmina - posted on 08/03/2011




hey i recently went through this with my son he is 21 months and is getting his 12th tooth right now. my son would also sleep from 8pm until roughly 11pm/12am and i would also bring him into my bed, im 7 months pregnant and have 0 energy to be playing games lol. he was in LOVEEEE with his dummys, and slept with one, so i would tell him to go back to sleep or im going to put your dummy in the rubbish bin. and it worked, it was so easy, he is now in bed 7pm until 7am, he still wakes up once or twice but goes back to sleep after i go in and check on him. also we have stopped him using any dummys so now i say ill put elmo in the bin haha.

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