Ugh, why are men so stupid?

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When my boyfriend changes or has dirty clothes he always puts them on the floor or right next to the dirty laundry basket (RIGHT NEXT IT!). What is up with this? I have asked him countless times what his problem is and he just smiles, shrugs, and says he doesn't know why. Does your significant other do this?


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Jane - posted on 10/03/2009




my husband does that too because he's a mechanic and doesn't want to get the grease, oil and gasoline on my clothes and the kids' clothes.

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Sometimes I put clean clothes in a basket and let it sit there in my room before I can get to folding them and he has an awful habit of putting his dirty clothes on top of the clean clothes even though he has seen me take a basket of clean clothes to the room. It's so annoying. I just want to throw the damn basket at him sometimes.

Sandee - posted on 10/03/2009




If you wan to teach them a lesson. Do the same thing. Get a panty linner smudge it with a little bit of peanut butter and put it right next to there clothes. They are the one will say disgusting promise:) what is this can't u put your dirty panty linner straight to the trash. Just smile or do the same thing what they do. Do this for a while, they will get sicked and tired of this. and they will talk to you. Get into serious business so lay all the Rules. They have to get their dirty clothes where it belongs and you will put your dirty panty liners in the trash it works:) lol

Donna - posted on 10/03/2009




Oh yeah all the time! He leaves dirty clothes everywhere ! But my big pet hate is he puts them ontop of the laundry basket!! Instead of lifting the damn lid and putting them in grrrrr. But if i do something wrong boy do i know about it so i agree urgh.....MEN!!!!

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