Vacationing with another family!!

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I know vactioning with other family members should be fun, right??? Well these family members tend to splurge alot on their kids on trips. Our family on the other hand tend to stick to a budget while we vacation. The problem is going to arise when we are at this "theme park" they buy all the extras for their kids (ice cream, souvieners,balloons and so on so on) It's going to cause issues between the kids, I don't care they can spend all the money they want. We will do the dinners seperately because they go to high price restaurants, we don't. I know I will have explain to my kids that we are not going to buy everything in sight, but I think it's still going to create contraversary between the kids. Any suggestion on how to handle this???


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How old are your children?
We give J his own budget whenever we go on vacation, that way, we never have to tell him "no, you can't have that." Instead, he decides what he wants to spend his money on.

When he was younger, about 3 1/2 years old, I gave him a small budget for each day and told him if he didn't spend it all, he could get something more expensive the next day. Whenever he asked for something, I showed him how much it cost and how much he would have left if he bought it. If it cost more than he had, I told him he could buy it the next day if he didn't buy anything else.

Once he was 4 and a bit more responsible, I gave him a set amount for the whole week and let him disperse it as he pleased. I still help him divide to see on average how much he has for each day to help him budget. One trip, he spent it all on the very first day on a handmade wooden dragon--it was art, not really a toy--I thought we were in for a rough trip, but he loved the dragon (he still has it). He carried it around all week, and anytime he asked for something else I reminded him about the dragon and he was happy. I just asked "You bought that dragon, would you rather have this or the dragon?" and he always chose his dragon.

Our rule is that we buy the basics--3 meals, 2 snacks each day. Anything else he buys with his "own money".

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